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It can be weird to read two books on similar topics in the same month.  Sometimes the two books complement each other, and sometimes you’re left thinking you might have liked the second book better had the first book not been so good.  It’s like that scene in When Harry Met Sally where Princess Leia (or whatever her name is in the movie) tries to set Sally up with someone and Sally says, “Look, there is no point in my going out with someone I might really like if I met him at the right time but who right now has no chance of being anything to me but a transitional man.”

So anyway, a couple of weeks ago I read Spiritual Parenting, which was a really awesome book and possibly my favorite book on parenting so far.  Then I read Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus, and while the books contained some similarities in approach, I didn’t really love Give them Grace.  It didn’t resonate with me the way Spiritual Parenting did.

There were also a few points that I thought were overplayed in Give them Grace–like the continual making of contrasts between Christians and groups who don’t believe the same things about the Gospel.  Really, if people are in need of the Gospel, we should give them books that present the Gospel, rather than tossing their group out there in us/them form.  It’s a small point, but that’s the one thing that sticks in my mind from reading the book.

That said, there are good points in Give Them Grace, and maybe the style of the book will appeal to you more than it did to me.  I’d still recommend Spiritual Parenting much more highly, but I also wanted to link to a friend’s review of Give Them Grace so you can read the perspective of someone who really liked the book and got a lot out of it.  Different books strike people differently.


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5 thoughts on “Give Them Grace

  1. I also didn’t *love* this book. I thought it was good, and I like the overall theme, but I didn’t really love the actual book. (if that makes sense) Some of the situations and such seemed very unrealistic to me. I have Spiritual Parenting on hold at the library. Looking forward to reading it.

  2. Same here. 🙂 I really enjoyed Spiritual Parenting, as well, but my favorite so far is How Children Raise Parents” though they have some difference in scope and feel. (And I did learn a lot from Give Them Grace, too.)

    I do think Give Them Grace is a paradigm-shifting book for many. But if your paradigm already is similar or has already been “shifted,” then I think the excitement about it isn’t quite as deep.

  3. I *wanted* to like this book so much, but didn’t, so I’m actually kind of glad to read this review – it encourages me that perhaps Spiritual Parenting will be a better fit for me and I’ll get a lot more out of it. I’ve got it in my library queue, but was trying to put a little more space between the two books so I haven’t requested it yet.

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