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This time of year I start feeling like I want more salads, so I was glad to find Salad for Dinner: Simple Recipes for Salads that Make a Meal.  I’m pretty sure a reader recommended it, but I can’t remember who.  Leave a comment and I’ll edit for proper attribution!

The book has a lot of interesting tips for how to properly prepare and dress a salad, as well as hints for combining fresh and seasonal ingredients (the author got her start at Chez Panisse).  I got some good ideas for ingredients to spice up our normal dinner salads.

Some of the tips struck me as strange.  For example, am I the only person who didn’t know you’re supposed to salt salad greens before applying dressing?  I should email my brother the restauranteur to ask if that is normally how things are done.  Likewise, I don’t usually put salt in the vinaigrettes I make, but the author of this book suggests so doing.

One recipe I am looking forward to trying involves rice and lentils dressed with a cumin yogurt and lemon juice sauce and sprinkled with sumac.  Yum!

Since this is a cookbook post, I’ll toss in a short review of another book I read recently, Don’t Panic – Dinner’s in the Freezer (I reviewed it’s sequel previously).  I didn’t get a lot out of this book, since most of the recipes are of the “open a can of this, dump in a jar of that, underseason, add meat, and freeze” variety, which is just not the way I like to cook.  Now that I’m a grownup I’m just going to admit that I like to eat interesting and exotic things, and cooking those things takes time, so I just make large batches and we have leftovers.  However, if that’s not how you roll (and it’s fine if it’s not, lets all just be ourselves) you might really like the freezer cooking series.

And now back to salad!  I’m curious: Do you salt your lettuce when you make salad?


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3 thoughts on “Salad For Dinner

  1. I’m looking forward to checking out this book! We’ve been eating lots of salads, and I’ve been wondering about good ways to make “dinner salads” rather than always making salad + entree. Our goal each week is to go through one of those big Sam’s Club/Costco boxes of salad greens, and one of spinach. I could definitely use some new ideas about how to give our salads enough heft to stand alone as dinner.

    And no, I’ve never heard of salting salad greens before dressing them. I’m curious about what that is supposed to do….

  2. We eat salad for dinner at least once a week. And then have a side salad, sometimes with a little something extra, one other time. Salads are great and I’m always looking for fun ways to dress up the salad. Thanks for the review. And, no, I do not salt my lettuce.

  3. In salting lettuce, I imagine little salt grains either rolling off of dry lettuce and making a salty slurry at the bottom of the dish or sticking to the lettuce and sucking all of the moisture out of the greens. I have salted (and peppered) a complete salad when it was wanting for flavor.

    Thanks for the post. I’d like to make more salads and more interesting salads, and I’m not very good at coming up with pleasing combinations on my own.

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