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Did you know that “tension headaches,” “sinus headaches,” dizziness, fatigue, foggy thinking, and blurry vision that comes and goes are all related to migraines?  And that you can control migraines, even really bad ones, without a lot of expensive treatments?  Neither did I until I read Heal Your Headache: The 1-2-3 Program for Taking Charge of Your Pain.

Written by a neurologist at Johns Hopkins who sees primarily “failed” headache patients that other doctors can’t help, this book explains the full spectrum of migraine, the way that migraine thresholds work, and how you can break the cycle of headaches and related symptoms by identifying and controlling the triggers that put you over your threshold.  While you can’t control a lot of environmental, hormonal, and situational triggers, you can be aware of them and reduce your other triggers to compensate.

This may sound too easy.  In fact, the author mentions that some of his patients have to have counseling for being so angry that they suffered needlessly for years, and others are so wedded to their identities as headache sufferers that they refuse treatment.

But if you have headaches, even occasional migraines (which is what I have), it seems worth a try.  One of my coworkers from my last work project, who recommended this book to me, said the program worked wonders for her headaches.  I’m planning to use the techniques in the book at times when I know the triggers I can’t control are highest, and also to avoid some triggers that I suspected before but now understand better.

If you suffer from headaches, or know someone who does, I recommend that you read this book.  If nothing else, it may help you to understand the mechanism of migraine more clearly and make an informed decision about getting your headaches under control.


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