Gospel in Life

I have reviewed a bunch of Tim Keller’s books in the past, and they are always favorites, but this one is a little different in that it is set up as a group study. Gospel in Life: Grace Changes Everything is a detailed study of how living a gospel-centered life can impact our communities, our work, our heart for justice, and our culture.

This would be a high impact study for small groups, and in fact the women’s studies at my church used this book last spring but since I was unable to attend I worked through it myself.  It was great for personal Bible study too.  Each session includes a short talk (on DVD, which you purchase separately but it is not expensive) by Tim Keller, a section of discussion questions about the talk, a section of group Bible study going into more depth about the topic, a section of Bible study for individuals to do at home, and a written passage to read at home.  The whole thing is very Biblically-based and challenging.

If you have read other books by Keller some of the sub-topics included in this book will be familiar to you, but you may still find them challenging in the context of how we relate to one another in community, and what sort of impact we have on our cities and culture.  I got a lot out of this study and would recommend it to you.


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to Amazon, but you can also purchase the study resources directly from Tim Keller’s website, which has samples of the study and ideas for how to set up a Biblestudy or offer the study as a seminar, as well as information about how to get a bulk discount from the publisher if you have a larger group.  

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