Now We Are Six

This morning Hannah turned six and I was reminded of Gretchen Rubin’s observation about parenting that “the days are long but the years are short.”  It has really been fascinating to see Hannah grow over the past six years.  Six years!

Here are six things you should know about Hannah:

1) She is SUPER dramatic.  The slightest thing can send her into paroxysms of joy or cast her into a slough of despair.  We are still working on how to turn that power into a force for good – I am confident that her enthusiasm and gusto will be a huge asset to her when she is in control of it.  Life with Hannah is always exciting and humorous.

2) She has a willing spirit of helpfulness.  I am often amazed at how much I can rely on Hannah to help me out, and she rarely complains about it.  I really value her sweet spirit.

3) She can memorize anything.  Hannah has a great memory, which is helpful for doing school work but also keeps us on our toes because she’s also quite good at synthesis and application of what she’s learned.  Sometimes this comes in the form of a delightful ability to draw a connection between what we’re talking about and something she heard in her history lesson, and sometimes it’s a sort of alarming realization that she picked up some disturbing line from a song she heard at the grocery store one time.  But mostly it’s a good thing.  🙂

4) She has a great imagination.  Hannah can play for hours staging elaborate games of make believe with her dolls, other toys, and bits of whatnot like random rocks and sequins and toothpaste caps.  This means her room is rarely clean, but I remember playing that way as a kid and loving it so we usually let it go until things get really out of hand.

5) She writes funny stories.  Recently Hannah wrote a story about a game she was playing in her room, and the end of the tragic tale was the line, “It wuz a bad seen.”  🙂  Spelling is queued up for school next semester!

6) She has a sweet heart.  Hannah loves to give us shoulder massages, always (well, almost always) wants to hug and kiss her siblings, and often goes into rhapsodies of   affectionate exclamations about her various family members (see #1).  She has a great ability to pick up on other people’s emotions and tries to make them feel better.  That is a good quality to have.

We love you, Hannah-cakes!  Happy birthday!

2 thoughts on “Now We Are Six

  1. Wishing Hannah a very happy sixth birthday. She sounds like such a delightful little girl and a lot of fun! Wishing her many happy returns of the day.

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