Today Sarah turns three.  Here are three things you should know about Sarah:

1) She is a very fluent talker, but she still has that funny baby way of saying some words.  Like “sumpink” instead of “something” and “paddawan” instead of pattern.  I can’t bring myself to correct her because otherwise she’s such a big girl.

2) She has all sorts of nicknames, and over the past year has taken to deciding which name she will accept for that day.  Last week I came home from work and Sarah said she was Susan.  The babysitter nodded, “She’s been Susan all day.”  She’s a big fan of the name Susan since watching The Parent Trap (she’s only seen it 1 1/2 times total) because we call Sarah lots of “Sue” related nicknames like Sarah-Sue and Susie-joon and Sue-sue and the like.  She   named her best baby doll Sharon to round out the Haley Mills-inspired theme.  Baby doll Sharon is not to be confused with Sherwin, who is one of Sarah’s imaginary friends.  The other one is Ohbert.  Sherwin and Obert live at Costco, but they come around a lot.

3) She likes to pretend to do school when the big kids do.  George Washington is her main man.  Sometime when you see her say “Sarah, tell me about George Washington” and she will sing “Iiiiiiiiiiin 1789 in New York, George Washington was granted the full powers and responsibilities of the presidency by the US Constitution.”  Her second favorite person is “Bawack Obama our 44th Pwesident” whom she thinks is coming to her birthday party.

There are a lot of other things I could say about Sarah and how feisty and funny and adorable she is, but for now I’ll just say happy birthday.  We love you Sarah!

6 thoughts on “Three

    1. I didn’t find a recipe that looked authentic to me. To me, real red velvet cake is not just red food coloring in cake, it has to have the vinegar volcano step. So I decided to try to make my regular red velvet recipe but use gluten-free flour mix and xanthan gum. But I’m making it a combo Sarah/Jesus birthday cake and taking it to Josh’s family Christmas dinner this weekend. Tonight we’re just going to get her some ice cream!

  1. Sarah:

    Happy birthday. I LOVE to hear you sing. And I think feisty is a GREAT word for you. You are a baby doll, and I love you.
    Aunt El, Nona, Mrs. Olivetti (she calls me all three!)

  2. Three years already! Don’t they grow up fast!

    I would love to hear her George Washington piece…that must sound so comical coming out of such a little person!

    Happy birthday to Sarah.

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