As I said the first time I reviewed Daniel Gilbert’s book, Magi is “an entertaining story of how the Three Wise Men might have undertaken the journey to present gifts to Jesus. Informed by research into historical sources, Gilbert’s novel has an authentic feel to it, although much of the story is of course based on conjecture.”

My book club is reading this book this month, and so I blazed through it to refresh my memory.  And I do mean blazed – you can read this book easily and quickly, which does make it great for this time of year.  What I liked most about the book was the details.  Since it’s a version of the Christmas story but told from a different perspective, that gave the author a reason to mention details like how Jerusalem looked and how the Temple worked, about Herod, and about the way Joseph and Mary would have lived in Nazerath, without seeming like a data dump.  Although some of the plotting and pacing was problematic, over all I think this is a good book for the holiday season when things can get busy but you still might like to read something now and then.

Moreover, I think it would make a good Christmas gift.  However, since I didn’t get around to reviewing it until now, I don’t know that you could order it in time for Christmas this year (maybe you could, if you live close to where one of the sellers lives, since it’s backordered from Amazon itself).

If you’ve read Magi and plan to be in the Indianapolis area next Wednesday evening, email me and I’ll send you directions to book club!


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