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Due to lack of exercise and too many self-declared “vacations” from proper eating, I gained some weight over the summer.  So when my aunt told me about The Dukan Diet, which is apparently what Kate Middleton used to drop two dress sizes before her wedding and which my aunt had used successfully to lose 20 pounds, I decided to try it.

The diet is basically a modified low carb diet.  It’s very similar to the South Beach Diet, in that it calls for low fat protein and allows low fat dairy items.  The differentiating factors between the Dukan Diet and other low-carb programs are:

  • The Dukan diet has a re-entry program that keeps you from gaining weight back when you reach your ideal.
  • The diet doesn’t require any counting of calories or carb grams or anything like that.  You eat what’s allowed for a given phase or day and that’s that.
  • The diet allows fat free plain Greek yogurt and fat free cottage cheese even in the first phase.
  • The diet requires you to eat a tiny amount of oat bran each day for fiber.

The first phase of the diet is just protein.  None of that Atkins diet “just eat 20 grams of carbs” stuff.  You do that for a few days (2-5 depending on how much you have to lose) and then you move to the second phase, which alternates “pure protein” days with “protein and vegetable” days.  On the protein days, you only eat protein like in the first phase, and on the protein and vegetable days you eat protein plus vegetables (not starchy ones, naturally).  Then when you’ve reached your ideal weight, you go into two different maintenance phases that gradually add in more foods so you don’t have any regaining.  I like that concept.

I did lose some weight on the diet, but I find myself still about 5 pounds from my goal weight, which is not a pie-in-the-sky “gee, I wish I could weigh what I did when I was nine years old” sort of goal weight, but rather the weight I was until this summer.  Truly, I need to add vigorous exercise back in.  I’ve been bad about that for various reasons, including but not limited to having a horrid head cold for going on three weeks now.

On that note, even if you’re not really interested in The Dukan Diet, have you heard that Jillian Michaels has a new workout DVD coming out soon?  I’m so psyched!!!  You can preorder it now on Amazon, which is what I am doing so that my husband can give it to me for my birthday (thanks Honey!).

If you’ve tried the Dukan diet, did it work for you?


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2 thoughts on “The Dukan Diet

  1. Hi, Catherine! I saw this book at the library about two weeks ago, so I picked it up. I have followed it pretty well, and have lost about 5lbs. I, too, have 5 more pounds to go, but I’ve been pretty excited about how quickly it has worked!

    I am adding in exercise (Insanity! workout), and I think that will help with the weight. He does recommend walking at least 30 minutes per day, but my body is used to doing a little more intense work-out than that.

    Hope you finish well!

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