Holiday Books, Exotic Turkeys, and Yes, Pie.

All of the organized moms got ahead of me on the library hold lists for Thanksgiving books, so we just picked up our favorites this weekend.  That’s OK, we’ll enjoy them for a week.  It’s nice to see our old favorites again!  In case you want to get a jump on Christmas, here is our list of favorite Christmas books for kids.

We are having Thanksgiving at our house this year, and our gigantic turkey, who Jack named “Noodle Dance,” is thawing in the fridge as I write.  I’m planning on brining Noodle Dance in an orange and clove bath and then roasting him with similar accoutrements.  I hope it turns out well, considering that Noodle Dance weighs in at over 20 pounds.

Last year after Christmas I reorganized the seasonal decorating materials into bins and now I can’t find where I brilliantly stored the autumn/Thanksgiving decorations.  It’s a bit late for the wreath, but it would be nice to have a festive centerpiece.  I’m also going to get out the Jesse Tree materials so we can be ready to start our family advent devotions on December 1.

I’ve already made one Cranberry Pie this season, and have four more on the calendar so far.  This is a fabulous go-to dessert to take places this time of year.  It’s easy, looks nice, and tastes great.  The Cooks Next Door posted a similar dessert recipe last week that does not involve pie crust and adds orange zest and almond extract.  I may try those additions and see how it turns out.

If you’re really into cranberries (and who isn’t?) you should try my friend Alicia’s cranberry pot roast (scroll down in the post for the recipe) and you should serve your sweet potatoes with cranberries (again, scroll down in the post for the recipe).  Believe me, you will never eat that sweet potato marshmallow slop again once you try the crispy, delicious, cranberry version!

I hope you all have a marvelous Thanksgiving (and for the couple of dedicated readers overseas, have a happy Thursday!).  I’m thankful for the fact that you read this blog and for the encouraging comments and emails you send.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Books, Exotic Turkeys, and Yes, Pie.

  1. Thanks for mentioning the pie! And I will wholeheartedly recommend your cranberry sweet potatoes! You served them to us probably 5 years ago and I’ve been making them ever since and it is always requested by my family for the holidays. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I forgot all about requesting Thanksgiving-themed books at the library. I’ll see if I can get some Christmas books at least, and yes I will be getting ideas from your list. 🙂

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