A book for kids – and a giveaway

I was interested to read The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes because I have dealt with perfectionism throughout my life and I am starting to see some of those tendencies in my children.

This book tells the story of a girl who, as you can tell from the title, never makes mistakes.  She has fans!  Everyone knows she never makes mistakes!  But the pressure starts to get to her and finally she realizes that it’s OK to make mistakes.

That may seem like a simple lesson, but I think it’s an important one for kids to learn if they seem to have perfectionist tendencies.  There are really two types of perfectionism: the sort that inspires you to do your best and the sort that paralyzes you because it makes you so afraid to fail that you never try.  As with many personality traits, I think a perfectionist bent can be reined in and made useful or it can be a major flaw.  It’s better to start learning to harness it sooner rather than later.

The pictures in the book are fun and imaginative and the text is helpful.  Sometimes I get annoyed by “here’s an issue!” type children’s books, but in this case I think the concept was pulled off well.


The publisher of The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes is offering a giveaway copy of the book to one reader of A Spirited Mind.  If you’re interested in winning a copy, leave a comment on the post!  I’ll close the giveaway on Tuesday October 11 at 8 pm EST and post the winner on Wednesday October 12.


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  The book’s publisher sent me a complimentary review copy of the book, but I was not otherwise compensated for this review or required to write a positive review.

14 thoughts on “A book for kids – and a giveaway

  1. Sounds like this book would be good for Lily (5), who gets her prefectionism from me! Unfortunately, her perfectionism stops her from attempting anything she thinks she won’t be able to do. Getting her to understand that it is okay to make mistakes is something of an ongoing thing for us, so this book would be perfect!

    1. My perfectionist tendencies lead me to point out that I have noticed the spelling error in my comment. Yes, I do see the irony in misspelling ‘perfectionism’ whilst claiming to be a perfectionist!

  2. You got my curiosity piqued! And with at least 1, maybe 2, out of our four kids seeming to take on both my husband’s and my perfectionistic tendencies, I’m sure we could benefit from this fun twist of a book.

  3. This book sounds wonderful! My older daughter (just turned 8) is a perfectionist for sure. We homeschool and it comes up daily. It also affects her in everyday life (most recent example – learning to ride a bike without training wheels.) Unfortunately, my younger daughter (4) appears to be following in big sister’s footsteps. I think this book might help both of them.

  4. It sounds like a great book. My two year old seems to be a perfectionist and gets so worked up he won’t even try things a second time if he doesn’t figure it out after one attempt. I wouldn’t have guessed it could show up so early! 🙁
    Sheila recently posted..Seven Quick Takes

  5. I’d love to get a copy of this. I know my daughter tends toward perfectionism and it might be a good way to get through to her that it’s ok to make mistakes. 🙂

  6. I absolutely love the sound of this book. I think it is wonderful for any child. They have so much pressure to be perfect. My daughter is super intelligent but if she ever begins to struggle with anything ( school work, jumping rope, etc.) she quits. Kids need to know that nobody is perfect and mistakes are normal.

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