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I’m about to save y’all $6.91 – $10.19.

Innovate.  Do innovative things.  Say innovative things.  Think innovative thoughts.  Act innovatively at work and in groups.  Innovate.

I have just condensed the entire point of Seth Godin’s book Poke the Box.  There is really not much more to the book.

I have to confess that I don’t really get the whole Seth Godin phenomenon.  I just don’t find the guy that insightful or helpful.  And yes, I realize that for a person who does stuff on the internet, not being a Seth Godin fan is like a college kid from the 90s not liking Dave Matthews.

I just can’t get into it; I think it’s a little gimmicky (Seth Godin’s stuff, not the Dave Matthews Band) but it’s gimmicky stuff that works so I guess you might be able to learn something from it. If you like Seth Godin’s stuff you might be interested in the new book which, innovatively enough, does not feature a title on the cover.


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4 thoughts on “Poke the Box

  1. Yes, I agree. Too bad he doesn’t explain in detail how to innovate. 🙂 Haven’t read this book but did read one of his. While there was not much of help in it for me, incidentally, his book did give me the idea to stop making purses for sale and just go with the felted flowers to sell. Never imagined I would sell so many……I’m not a millionaire yet….but you never know. 🙂 Actually, it’s just fun to sew.

  2. If there is nothing new under the sun, how does one innovate? I went on an interview a few months ago and one of the questions was “tell us of a time you came up with an innovative solution to a problem.” I had a hard time with the question. I guess if you use something (old) to solve a problem (where this old something had not been used before) then that might be innovative. Resourcefulness can be innovative I guess. But I don’t know….

    1. I think innovation is just thinking of a solution or way of doing something that isn’t the norm. It’s about finding a way to change your process or procedure so that you are accomplishing the goal more efficiently or with more impact, versus the people who say, “But that’s not how we’ve always done things!” Lack of innovation is why working for the government felt soul-killing to me. 🙂

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