A read-aloud for girls that boys will like too

If you’re looking for a great read-aloud book I recommend Dorothy Canfield Fisher’s excellent Understood Betsy.  I can’t believe I didn’t read this book as a child.  We read one chapter per night and I always had to restrain myself from reading more because I was enjoying the story as much as the kids did!

The book is set primarily in Maine around the turn of the 20th century.  The little girl in the story moves from the city to the country, and comes to learn just how much she is capable of accomplishing.

Although the main character is a girl, she has great adventures and the book is funny and interesting enough that boys would like it too, I think.  Jack enjoyed it, and liked hearing about the boys at the one room schoolhouse.

If you haven’t read Understood Betsy, I think you should hurry out and read it!

I’m planning to link this post up at Read Aloud Thursday tomorrow, so be sure to check that page out for more ideas of what to read to your kids!


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6 Responses to A read-aloud for girls that boys will like too

  1. Lisa says:

    We’re reading Understood Betsy too. I’m enjoying it tremendously and I can testify that Isabel and all three of my boys (ages 7, 4, 3) are following interestedly as well, groaning when I tell them we’re done reading each night.
    My boys loved listening to Heidi as well.

  2. Monica says:

    LOVE this book, too. I especially enjoyed reading it allowed to my own Betsy. I should read it to her again now that she’s older.

  3. Oh, we loved Understood Betsy!! Such a great read-aloud — and yes, my 4yr old son enjoyed it just as much as his sisters.

  4. I read this one for the first time last year, and like you, I can’t believe I hadn’t read it as a child. I haven’t shared it with my girls yet, though. Here’s my review, if you’re interested–> http://www.hopeisthewordblog.com/2010/11/30/understood-betsy-by-dorothy-canfield/

    I’m so glad you linked up this week!
    Amy @ Hope Is the Word recently posted..Read Aloud Thursday–Jonathan and the Big Blue Boat by Philip C. Stead

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  6. I actually think we have a copy of this book on one of our bookshelves at home! It sounds like we need to pull it out and read it…I never have, but it sounds wonderful, and like one my girls would enjoy very much 🙂 Thank you!

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