4 Hour Body

I first heard of The 4-Hour Body from a friend who was trying the diet portion of the book.

“Tim Ferriss?  The 4-Hour Body?  That sounds familiar, did he go to Princeton?  I feel like I read about him in the PAW,” I said.

“I don’t know,” my friend replied, “He seems like kind of a jerk but the diet really works.”

Princeton boys who are jerks?  Surely you jest! (Princeton girls reading this just spit coffee out of their noses) but since being a jerk doesn’t render a person’s diet ideas ineffective, I thought I’d give the book a try nonetheless.

I previously read the chapter on the diet (it’s available for free online) which Ferriss calls the “slow carb” method.  The idea is to eat a low carb diet plus legumes and have a skip day once a week.  I tried having a skip day, which, as it turns out, doesn’t work well for me.  I don’t think it’s a bad concept, it just causes me too much stress.  Anyway, if you’re a moderator, the diet might be a good one for you to consider.

I thought maybe I was missing something by only reading the diet chapter and decided to read the book.  Ferriss set out to figure out how to “hack” the human body and make himself leaner, stronger, and so forth, then documented how he did it in The 4-Hour Body.  There is a lot of extreme stuff in the book, like how you can lose weight by taking ice water baths, how you can learn to hold your breath a really really long time, hit home runs, increase your lifts by 100 pounds, understand the basic mechanics of the female body in case you’ve never read Cosmo or something, and stuff like that.  Some of it was interesting, but not much of it was applicable or groundbreaking to me personally.

The book might be worth checking out from the library if you’re interested in the diet or are looking to dramatically increase your fitness.  I did get some good ab exercises out of it. But really, if you’re interested in dramatically increasing your fitness, I think Making the Cut is better, and if you’re interested in the low carb thing, I think Why We Get Fat is better.


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