It’s been a while since I posted something about a non-writing creative endeavor so I thought I would show you how the girls’ Reunions dresses turned out.  This was my 10th Reunion, but at my college tons of people go back every year and there is a big parade with bands and floats and lots of school spirit so I wanted the girls to be there in style.  I smocked the collars and my mom somehow managed to turn them into dresses in spite of the pattern being all wrong and her sewing machine breaking and me freaking out.  In the end we forgot the big hairbows but since my college is in New Jersey and not the South I don’t think anyone judged us for the teeny hair accessories.  🙂

In other news, I’m tackling a big work-related project beginning today for the next several weeks so I plan to go down to 2-3 posts per week for the summer.  I know you don’t mind, but usually when I skip too long people start emailing me wondering what happened so I thought I’d get y’all the heads up in advance this time.

Thanks for following A Spirited Mind and if you read any fabulous books at the beach this summer be sure to let us know!

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  1. The dress is lovely. My mum gave me a book on smocking for my birthday, so I’m hoping I can find the time to learn it before my girls are too old for smocking!

  2. I must say that I love the dress and your beautiful little Sarah! I went to a P-rade once with a family that I babysat for (both parents went to Princeton). It was something else! You’ll be interested to know that the couple has three daughters and, despite their seriously top-notch academics (4.3 GPAs), class presidencies, sports proficiencies, impressive vocal talents, rigorous charity works, flawless self assuredness in interviews and other general best-all-aroundities, none of them got into Princeton. It was enough to make me shudder and weep a bit in anticipation of my own children’s college application processes. My husband gamely assures me that it is no big deal, since we probably won’t be able to afford to send our children to college, anyway. eeeeee!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes, it’s a tough place to get in. My year they took one applicant out of every 14, so that’s lots of high scoring, high grades, bright kids going elsewhere. But who knows. At least if your kids get into Princeton you can rest easy in the fact that there is 100% financial aid – whatever your FAFSA doesn’t get you, the Princeton endowment will cover.

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