Galatians: Living in Line With the Truth of the Gospel

I’ve read so many books by Tim Keller that I am starting to think about creating a new sub-category for the blog.  Kidding.

But I keep reading Keller’s books and studies because he has a knack for taking material that is familiar to me and applying it to life in a way I’ve never considered.  I am always convicted and impacted by what I learn about God and Scripture in these studies.

This semester our small group studied Keller’s book on Galatians, which is sub-titled Living in Line With the Truth of the Gospel.  I couldn’t find it on Amazon, but you can get it directly from Redeemer, the church Keller pastors.

The study is ideal for a small group or Sunday School because there is so much to discuss.  Each of the 13 sections has study questions from the text, application questions, and supplementary materials from theologians or Keller’s own commentary.

Keller notes that the book of Galatians was written to Christians who didn’t fully grasp how the Gospel had implications for all of the life issues they were dealing with.  They needed to live out the Gospel in their lives.  This problem still faces us today of course, and I appreciated how Keller drove home his point that “The Gospel transforms our hearts, our thinking and our approach to absolutely everything…the Christian life is a process of renewing every dimension of our lives – spiritual, psychological, corporate, social – by living out the ramifications of the gospel.”

The topics included in this study are numerous, but several that really impacted me were:

  • The relationship of Law and Grace
  • Moralism versus Relativism versus the Gospel
  • The root of sin (“the sin under the sin”)
  • Our adoption in Christ (son versus slave)
  • Idols of the heart
  • Gospel forgiveness
  • Fruit of the Spirit (I especially liked how Keller set up each fruit with it’s definition, opposite, and counterfeit)

I got so much out of this study and I would really recommend it to you, even if you don’t have a group to work through it with you.  I have not found very many other studies that included both in-depth study of the Scripture itself AND in-depth application of that Scripture to modern life.  It’s a very challenging and convicting book and the sort of thing that you’ll want to go over again and think deeply about.


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