What’s He Really Thinking?

I can’t recall who told me about What’s He Really Thinking?, but since I had read another of the author’s books (Better Than My Dreams) and What’s He Really Thinking has the inspiring subtitle “How to be a Relational Genius with the Man in Your Life” I decided to read it.

Paula Rinehart has over 20 years of counseling experience, and also conducted a research study before writing this book, so I think some of her insights are helpful and not the usual things you read in books on marriage and relationships.

One thing that really struck me throughout the book was how many men feel a need for someone to believe that they have what it takes, to know that someone knows what they are up against and believes in them.  This factors in with why respect is so deeply important to men and why it’s important that women don’t neglect to affirm men in what they do that is good and right.

I appreciated the various ways Rinehart looks at how God uses marriage to move us toward holiness and cause us to grow.  Although I think this concept is dealt with more in-depth in What Did You Expect?, Rinehart’s book also has some good insights.

The end of the book includes a helpful appendix of verses you can use to pray for your husband, and study/discussion questions you could use in a book club or small group.

Although I’m not sure I’m a relational genius after reading What’s He Really Thinking? I do feel like it was worth my time to read it, and it gave me plenty to think about.

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