Exercise For the Time-Challenged

You know you are supposed to go to the gym. “I’m going to the gym,” you tell yourself.  It’s only 45 minutes on the elliptical runner, right?  Well, plus the time to drive to the gym, and change clothes, and shower, and change back into clothes, and drive home.  Really that’s more like an hour and a half, and you’d rather be reading a book or hanging out with your kids or something and so you’re tempted to skip a day.  Or seven.

Sound familiar?

Before we had kids I used to spend a lot of time working out. I tried to minimize the changing/driving time costs of going to the gym by doing way more than 45 minutes of cardio.  I tried aerobics videos.  I tried running (before I had knee surgery and was told not to do that anymore).  Whatever I did seemed to take a lot of time and never gave me great results.

Now I have three kids and kind of a lot of things going on all the time.  I don’t really have hours for the gym, but that has actually worked in my favor because I’ve found that I get better fitness results doing short workouts that include really intense strengthening moves (like the Jillian Michaels workouts) and it’s much easier to fit those in to my schedule.  Moreover, I have a much easier time getting through a workout when I can tell myself, “OK, you only have to do this for 30 minutes.”

They say that any exercise routine will work if you stick to it, and although that has not been true in my experience, I think exercise is probably like dieting in that different things work for different people.  If you find yourself short on time though, or not getting great results from only doing cardio, I would recommend trying a more strength-focused workout just to see if it works for you.

Then you’ll have plenty of time to read a book or update your Facebook status to tell your social network how awesome you feel after getting a crazy workout in less than half an hour.  It’s worth a try, right?

4 thoughts on “Exercise For the Time-Challenged

  1. At 33, I’ve reached the “use it or lose it” stage. I can feel it. That being said, while I am an active person, I haven’t “exercised” since I played intramural sports in college.

    (Shoot, I don’t even know how to SPELL exercise. I just typed it out “excersize”. And I’m very particular about spelling and grammar. !!! Sheesh.)

    So . . . do you do this when the kids are sleeping, or while they are around? Morning, noon, or night? Todos los dias? Etc.

    1. It varies. I try to get started before the kids get up, but sometimes I have work things that have to happen or they get up really early. So they also see me exercise a lot. I think that’s actually good, because they see that it is important. Also my two year old can do walking push-ups. 🙂

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