The Quarter in Books

In the first three months of 2011 I read 28 books.  That’s not too shabby. I thought I’d do a little roundup in case you missed some of my reviews.  Here are the 28 books grouped by category: Best Books, Organization and Productivity, Fiction, Christianity, Parenting and Education, Nutrition and Cooking, and Writing.  Links are to my original reviews.

The best books I read this quarter:

It seems my theme for the quarter was organization and productivity!  In that category I read:

I didn’t read a ton of fiction this quarter, but most of what I did read was YA and Christian lit, which is outside my normal genre preference, so that was probably good for me:

I read a few excellent and thought-provoking Christian study books:

In the parenting and education genres I read:

Then there was nutrition/cooking:

Finally, writing!

I also read four books about particular business issues that wouldn’t be of interest to blog readers so I didn’t bother to review them.  But take my word for it, I read them.  And one was really really long so I want credit for it!

What did you read this quarter?  What is the best book you’ve read so far in 2011?

3 thoughts on “The Quarter in Books

  1. I’m impressed! I think you should do a category for least favorite books. I really like your assessments of why a book is disappointing (and a book can be totally disappointing and still good, in the sense that it’s well written and thoughtful. So you wouldn’t be insulting the authors to say it wasn’t what you expected.)

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