Chocolate! Balloons! Pudding! Mess! A Craft Your Kids Will Love

Inspired by this great post at Bakerella, I set out to be Fun Mom by engaging in a messy, chocolate-related craft with the kids.

First we melted some chocolate in the microwave and blew up some water balloons.  When I say “we” I mean “I” and you should know that I nearly passed out from the balloon blowing up part.  Yeesh, water balloons are tough to inflate!

When Bakerella’s instructions said to let the chocolate cool, she wasn’t very specific so we dipped some balloons in it when it was too hot and they popped noisily.  The kids loved it!  Eventually we had to put the chocolate in the freezer for a bit and then the bowl making went more smoothly.

Hannah got to make the first chocolate bowl because she dearly adores any chance to show the little kids how to do stuff.  She is always reminding us that she was “the first baby.”

Next, Jack got to try.

Jack also takes his older sibling teaching responsibilities seriously.  Eventually Sarah got a turn.  Then she monitored who got to go next.  “Hannah TURN! Zhack TURN! Sawah Soo TURRRRRRN!”

After they finished making the bowls, they began arguing over who should get to lick the bowl.  As I tried to mediate the dispute, I started twisting the bowl against the spoon to see if I could get some of the chocolate out to dispense in three equal portions when CRASH!

The bowl hit the floor and smashed into smithereens.  The kids looked at each other like “Shoot, Mom is really mad.  We should stop arguing now.”  I wasn’t mad, of course, but it did solve the dispute!  It was everything we could do to keep them from coming to lick at the glass shards.  Hannah asked, incredulous, “So you’re just going to throw it AWAY?  WITH the chocolate on it still?”

While we waited for the bowls to harden, we made the pudding.  I got all the ingredients ready in advance so the kids could mix.  If you don’t have some of these multi-sized nesting bowls, you should get some.  They are invaluable, super handy, great for cooking with kids, and are made of some sort of less breakable glass.  If only I had used one for the melting chocolate part of this project!

The kids enjoyed mixing the pudding.  Again with the TURNS!  Then we watched for the pudding to develop bubbles “like volcanos” on the stove.

I forgot to take a picture of the part where we popped the balloons to get them out of the chocolate bowls, but that was fun.  It was hard to get the balloon bits out of the bowls even though I had used cooking spray like Bakerella advised.  I had to use tweezers.  But we prevailed and got the pudding in the little bowls and the kids applied sprinkles liberally.  We invited my in-laws over to help us consume this feast of chocolatey goodness.

Annnnnd this is the face of a child who has consumed a LOT of sugar!!!!

6 thoughts on “Chocolate! Balloons! Pudding! Mess! A Craft Your Kids Will Love

  1. Looks like tremendous fun! I’m curious to know if they all looked that clean by the time you had finished 🙂 Mine only have to look sideways at a bowl of melted chocolate to look as though they have been dipped in it head first!

  2. What fun. The kids really looked like they were enjoying the making and Hannah is a great shot of enjoying the partaking!

  3. Looks like you all had a ton of fun, despite the broken bowl. I think I might have to try that out with Morgan!

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