Steady Days

If you are a new mother or know one, or if you’re sort of struggling to find your focus as a mom, you might enjoy Steady Days: A Journey Toward Intentional, Professional Motherhood.  The book is a quick read and structured in small snippets, about blog post length, each giving an idea or thought about how to be more intentional and focused in your work as a mom, whether you are at home, working outside the home, or whatever.

The first part of the book covers basic scheduling, how to craft a general routine, and ideas for what that might look like with different ages of children and with or without working.  Since I’ve been reading some fairly intense scheduling and time management books recently I found these tips to be really basic, but I remember a time when I was first home with Hannah when I would really have gotten a lot out of this section, so depending on your situation and how intense you want to be about time management, this section might be really helpful for you.

The book also includes tips on how to maintain a thankful focus, make and preserve memories, and how to foster an atmosphere of learning.  The author draws from Charlotte Mason’s educational ideas and shows how you can apply those to homeschooling or “afterschooling” if your kids go away from home for school.  I liked the concept of afterschooling – just having an atmosphere of joyful learning rather than structured lessons.

Finally, the book also includes lots of blank forms you could use to set up your own home planning binder and schedule.  Printables of that sort abound on the internet, but the ones in the book match the ideas the author sets out in the book.

I think Steady Days is a good starting point for thinking through how to be an intentional parent, and I’d recommend it with the caveat that it is a short book and you might find it a little basic if you’ve spent a lot of time reading other parenting/organizing/education books and blogs.

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