Knowing God

Knowing God by J.I. Packer is one of THE best books on being a Christian that I have ever read. Although Packer’s writing style is accessible and engaging, the topics he deals with are deep and require lots of thought so this is not a book to be read quickly.  I took months to read through it in little bits and got so much out of it that I scarcely know where to begin.

The book turns on the central thesis that in order to pursue the Christian life rightly, the Christian’s life focus must be to KNOW God by searching the scriptures to understand His character and ways and then allowing that knowledge to inform your mind, will, feelings, commitments and identification. How well we know God impacts every aspect of our lives, from how we pray to how we respond to crises to how we interact with others.

In the exploration of knowing God, Packer digs deeply and insightfully into a wide range of topics.  I don’t know how anyone could fail to learn from or be challenged by this book.  In reading it, I gained not only knowledge about God, but also encouragement and insight on how to pursue God more fully in my life going forward.

I plan to add this book to my top reads for 2011, and would highly recommend it to you for your own reading or for a group Biblestudy.  It is truly excellent and would be well worth your time.

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