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My mother-in-law recently surprised me with a very interesting book of ideas for homemade gifts. Gifts From the Kitchen is full of gift ideas, but would also be a good addition to your library if you enjoy making jams and natural bath products and things like that.

The section on jams and jellies and conserves is extensive and not just basic “strawberry jam” type recipes.  Plum Jam with Walnut Brittle sounds particularly tasty to me!  The preserves section also includes recipes for flavored oils and vinegars and marinated and pickled things like Marinated Cheese with Herbs and mixes like Blended Spice Tea.

I also enjoyed the section on truffles and chocolates – the pictures show you step by step how to achieve professional results with various types of chocolates and candies, which make a very impressive looking gift to judge by the pictures!

The part of the book I found most interesting was the bath products section.  I had never read such detailed instructions for how to do herb infusions and use essential oils.  The section includes instructions for bath foam, baby shampoo, soap, hair rinse, shampoo, moisturizer, hand cream, lip balm, and more.  If you’re interested in all natural and organic body products, I don’t doubt that you could save money by making them yourself.  The instructions in the book are so detailed that I think it would be easy to try it, and I can also see how you could build up a small business with products like this if you were so inclined.

Throughout the book the instructions are detailed and accompanied by several pictures per recipe, which I think would make trying the recipes quite simple.  I think this is a helpful little book and I’m looking forward to trying out some of the suggestions it contains.

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