The Princess is Five

Hannah turned five earlier this month, much to my surprise.  She is a bright, vivacious little girl who always has an idea and takes great joy out of life.  She has always been a good helper, but now Hannah has the ability to really be helpful in the helping and that has been wonderful.  She often asks what she can do to help or takes on a task of her own initiative.  I also love how Hannah has developed a heart of kindness this year.  She makes it a point to say kind and encouraging things to everyone all the time, like telling us we look nice in our outfits or telling Jack he did a good job building Legos or clapping for Sarah when she learns a new word.

Hannah is exuberant and loves to have fun.  She likes to dance and leap around and tell jokes and make up funny lyrics to songs.  She and Jack make up great games together.  Hannah has a fabulous imagination and does everything with gusto.  It has been so much fun to know this girl for the past five years!

For her birthday party, Hannah requested a princess tea party theme.  While the guests arrived, we built princess castles out of graham crackers, colored ice cream cones, pink M&Ms, and candy hearts glued together with purple frosting in little baggies for each girl.  I wrapped cardboard in tinfoil to have a base for each girl to build on, and each girl’s materials were on a separate plate.  They seemed to think it was fun, although I think it would have been better with stiffer frosting (I added too much water).

After the castles, I read the story of The Princess and the Pea and then we played a game with a “pea” (a golf ball painted green) put between one of three pillows.  Each girl took turns guessing which pillow hid the pea and when she did we congratulated her for being a true princess.  That was a good game (thank you internet!).

Next we opened presents and then had our tea party.  The girls drank hot chocolate with colored marshmallows in real tea cups, and ate little tea sandwiches, cookies decorated with crowns and dragees, and cake.

The party favors were little bundles of decorated cookies, a bottle of princess nailpolish with a crown top, and a fun soap in the shape of a princess, a cupcake, an ice cream cone, or a purse.  During the party the favor bags sat in a bowl filled with crepe paper ribbons as the centerpiece.

The cake was red velvet, naturally, with pink marshmallow fondant and purple icing decoration.  I added gold and silver dragees to punch up the jeweled effect.  Hannah seemed pleased.  Happy birthday Hannah-cakes!  We love you!

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