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You may recall my review of my friend Dina’s book Another Faust, which I enjoyed even though I’m not a huge fan of the YA genre generally speaking.  She and her brother Daniel recently came out with the second book in the series, Another Pan, which is a take on J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan as you probably guessed.

I asked Dina about the choice to use Peter Pan for the second framework, since I couldn’t put a finger on the connection between Pan and Faust, and she explained that the idea of the series was to retell classics with easily recognizable concepts (like Faustian Bargain, Pan Complex, etc) and to deal with the themes of the originals rather than reproducing the plots as many modern retellings do.  The next book in the series, which is not out yet, will be the final installment because both Dina and her brother have solo book deals now.

I found both the writing and the themes to be much better in Another Pan, although they were good in Another Faust too.  I think what I most enjoyed was reading about themes and issues that Dina and I have discussed over the years and being able to see her perspective and takes on those issues come through in fictional form.

The book is fairly clean, aside from a few instances of profanity mostly when the 13 year old little brother character is trying to be ghetto (he says things like “bada$$ery” to try to seem tough).  I think teens would probably really enjoy this book, and it would be a good book to discuss with any young adults you give it to, because the themes and issues the book raises are interesting and important in life and growing up.  If you like YA yourself, you’d almost certainly enjoy these books and I’d recommend them.

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3 thoughts on “Another Pan

  1. Hey, I never saw this till now! Thank you for doing the review!! I can’t believe I didn’t thank you before. 🙂 I’m loving your Quarter in Review post, btw, which I’ll now get back to!

    1. dina i absolutly love the book “another pan” and im doing it for my book report in english. i have to say, with all the drama and mysteries, this is a really good book. props to you and your brother. =]

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