Ladybug Birthday

Sarah turned two on Monday.  It’s hard to believe it has already been two years since she joined our family!

When asked what kind of cake she wanted, Sarah shouted “Cake!  Sugah!  Yum!”  Since that didn’t give me much to go on in terms of choosing a theme, the big kids weighed in and suggested a ladybug cake.  We have a book in which the littlest sibling is dressed in a ladybug costume so that is where they got the idea.  At left is my version of a ladybug cake.  It looks more like a crazy spider on LSD, but hey, I tried.  Her cake last year was better.  I’m linking to it in case Sarah ever comes back to this page and feels bummed that her two year old cake was lame.  🙂

When it came down to actually hearing the birthday song and blowing out her candles Sarah became uncharacteristically shy and kept hiding her eyes.  I’m not sure what that was about.  She has a ladybug apron that I meant to put on her for the cake eating, but I completely forgot.  That’s all right since she was not into the photo op anyway.  She did eat the cake with gusto though, I’m pleased to report.  What girl doesn’t like a red velvet cake?  Her siblings liked it too.  They liked it so much that they ground some of it into the beige dining room carpet so they could remember it always.  Yeah, about how I’m never having a carpeted dining room again.  Ever.

We did the cake and presents the day after her birthday, but on her actual birthday Sarah wore her birthday outfit from last year.  It’s a size 6-12 month dress and it still fits, but a little more snugly than last year.  I’m glad it does because it’s darling and features little embroidered bunnies on the hem.  I’m also glad because it’s been lovely to have a tiny snuggly girl for two years.  Since it looks like Sarah will be the baby of our family for a while, I’m happy that she has stayed little and is not in such a hurry to grow up as Hannah was at her age.  Of course, at two years old Hannah already had a 7 month old little brother so that probably made a difference!

Sarah is a very pretty little girl with big green eyes.  I hope they stay green!  She is quite independent and opinionated, and has learned to hold her own against the big kids.  She enjoys looking at books, sitting on my lap listening to me read, playing with Legos and babies, and playing dress up.  She really really loves shoes and is always trying on other people’s shoes, attempting to pick out shoes to match her outfits, and trying to get people to notice her shoes (“Hey!  MAH shoes!  Mah SHOOOOOES!”)

We’re starting to understand more of Sarah’s words now.  Although she really only says a few short sentences, she does speak foreign languages.  For some reason, instead of goodbye, Sarah says “AH-VWAH!”  That would be her rendition of au revoir if you couldn’t catch that.  I’m not sure where she picked that up.  Every morning when Josh leaves for work Sarah blows him a kiss and says “Ah-vwah Dadden!”

She loves her family, and finally, after a long time of referring to me simply as “Mine” she began calling me Mama.  She calls Josh “Dadden” instead of Daddy and refers to Jack as “Bubba Zhack.”  I’m not sure where she got the redneck Russian mix there!  Weirdly she refuses to call Hannah by name, and only refers to Hannah as “Sista” or “Big Girl.”  She pretty much refers to everyone else, including total strangers, as “Sugah” like she is two going on 80!   She and her siblings get along pretty well and she is always trying to do whatever they do.

Lately Sarah has been singing “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” although not with discernible words, just the tune.  She can name most body parts and animals and the sounds animals make, but, unlike her siblings at this age, she does not seem to know the alphabet.  Mama gets lazy on baby 3.  I’m sure she’ll live.

When asked what her favorite animal is, Sarah replied “Pig!”  When asked what her second favorite animal is, Sarah said “Pig inna HAT!”  Of course this reminded me of the hilarious scene in The Great Muppet Caper when Kermit and Fozzie think they are twins and you can only tell them apart because bears wear hats.  I think Sarah might have inherited my odd sense of humor.  I hope so anyway!

Most of the time Sarah is smiling and laughing and keeping us amused with her antics.  She has brought so much joy to our family over the past two years.  We love you, Susie-joon!

4 thoughts on “Ladybug Birthday

  1. It looks like she had a wonderful day. She is such a beautiful little girl, so different in her looks yet so much the same as Hannah.

  2. So fun to hear what Sarah is up to these days! It does sound like she is quite a character. Lydia loves her shoes too. She always points out who is not wearing shoes in the books we read. She knows many different words for shoes too (sandles, boots, crocs, slippers). It’s so fun to see what they are thinking now that they can talk more.

  3. What a joy Sarah is to us, too1 It was fun to look back at her first two birthdays and realize how much she has grown and filled our hearts.

  4. the shoe and Sugah thing made me laugh. As did the Au revoir. So cute! She’s a little Vivi 🙂 But why “Susie-joon”? (though i do love how much Persian they know!)

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