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I meant to post an all-new review of Christmas books for kids today, but due to insane business and my computer’s recent penchant for “losing” the internet, my hard drive, and/or my keyboard, posting time is at a premium and I will just refer you to the 2008 version of my list of great Christmas books for kids.

There are 20!  Your kids will love them!  Many are very cheap on Amazon, and many are probably available at your local library.

If I didn’t mention your favorite in my roundup, please come back and leave a comment so I can find some new books too.  If you’ve posted reviews of Christmas books for kids on your blog, be sure to leave us a link in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Christmas Books for Kids

  1. Oh! You are missing four of my favorites. Race to your library!

    The Friendly Beasts, an old English Christmas carol illustrated by Tomie de Paola. I can’t read it (sing it) without getting a bit misty.

    The Donkey’s Dream, by Barbara Berger, is a beautifully illustrated tale that I defy you to read without choking up.

    Mortimer’s Christmas Manger, by Karma Wilson…entertaining and most touching.

    And toddlers at my house always greatly enjoy Who Is Coming to Our House? by Joseph Slate

      1. This was so long ago! I am getting ready to get all my books out, and I am sad that I no longer have toddlers to read them with. Don’t get me wrong, my 7 and 10 year old still enjoy reading them with me, but the 13 year old only listens in occasionally. Snuggle up with those sweet smelling babies of yours this season and enjoy!

  2. Let me know what you think of them. It occurs to me that you may not get as misty about The Friendly Beasts as I do, if you did not happen to sing it with your mother when you were little and then with the Miller children when they were little…

  3. I had never heard of “snowmen at night” till I saw you post about it. Then I walked into my library’s book sale a few days later and it was one of two books displayed on their checkout table right inside the door. It quickly was added to the pile (after I looked through it) as a gift for my nephew. It even looks brand new, which was a criteria of mine unless it was an older “classic” book. Thanks for posting about it otherwise I may have not looked twice when I saw it.

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