All done, Pig!

This week I finished reading Charlotte’s Web out loud to the kids again.  After I read the final line I said “The End” and Sarah shouted “All done, Pig!” like she had nothing but love for Wilbur but she was glad to hear that she was now free to turn her focus elsewhere.

At the risk of sounding like Scrooge, I have to admit that I’m feeling a little all-done-pig about seasonal decorating this year.  I love Christmas and celebrating the birth of Jesus, but y’all I am just not feeling the bedazzling right now.  I put up our little Jesse Tree so we could do our Advent devotions (you can read more about what we do for that here) and I decorated the mantel with our stockings, garland, lights, ribbon, and my perennial favorite beaded pears, but the thought of getting an actual Christmas tree does not appeal to me at the moment.  I know the kids would love it and so forth, but we’ll be out of town for Christmas and it’s so prickly to string the lights and so time consuming to decorate and undecorate when I know there will be a nice tree waiting for us in Virginia…Would it be more acceptable to forgo a Christmas tree if I cloaked my reluctance in deep and admirable phrases like “right now I’m really craving simplicity” or “we’re really working to foster contentment this Christmas” rather than looking listlessly into the big red plastic ornament bins and mumbling “all done, pig”?

Yeah, you’re right, I probably just need to put on my team jersey and get a tree already instead of going hog wild with my complaints.  🙂

Photo note: The pig picture came from Flickr and the picture of the mantel is my house.

Topical note: I like Christmas, and I appreciate the reason for the season, so please don’t misconstrue my curmudgeonliness and use of Sarah’s catch phrase as indicative of any lack of reverence!

8 thoughts on “All done, Pig!

  1. I agree — leave the tree to the big house! That’s what I’m doing! Especially since we leave for Israel on Christmas Day. My Christmas decorations consist of a wreath on the door and my Christmas tableware and china.

  2. We’ve skipped a tree one or two years because of traveling over Christmas. But only once after kids–and our oldest was still rather little! But that year instead of a tree, we put the money into a beautiful pine cone Christmas wreath that we still enjoy on our front door. Last year and this, we actually decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving (unthinkable in my family growing up!) to make getting a tree–and all the hassles associated with one–seem worth it since we had/have to undecorate it so early. My vote would be–don’t worry about a tree, talk about the one they’ll have for Christmas, and do something special instead–find a special lights display or something. Simplify, simplify!

  3. I am not sure what is going on but I feel the same way about decorating this year (as do three or four others I know…it’s not just you!). It took everything I had to drag out all the junk and put it up. And it’s not all up either. We are traveling this year and I hemmed and hawed about putting up decorations, but after seeing Morgan’s enthusiasm about decorating at my in-laws, I knew I had to. That being said… there a way to get a small tabletop tree (2-3 feet) to let the kids decorate with some homemade decorations? That way they still get to have a tree in their house without you having to go through all the troubles of hauling all of the stuff out. For Morgan’s first Christmas I put up a very small tree and placed two presents under it. That was it. Your mantel is absolutely gorgeous, and you know the kids like to look at it. Don’t go all out this year.

  4. Catherine,
    Having the same dilemma here. We are leaving the 18th for Christmas in MI. We were gone Thanksgiving weekend. Ryan was gone all week until today. The only problem is that our house was voted the prime location to have a ladies’ breakfast pitch-in next saturday. We’ve done NOTHING so far and we have guests tonight and tomorrow night. I have a mantle but didn’t for previous years, so I have no garland, ribbons, lights or stockings since we always do Christmas in MI. Ugh!

  5. Hee! I’ve felt equally put out in years past. Could you get a very little tree…? Like the table-top size? Or make one out of paper and hang it on the wall? Then the kids’ would have their wonderment and you’d be able to ease by without much output.

    We decorated our tree Thanksgiving weekend because our boys were chomping at the bit so heavily. I think being pregnant and due right around the end of Christmas made me chompy at the bit, too — I just want to be DONE. However, we decorate 8 foot Norfolk Island Pine every year, so it isn’t hauling down the fake tree OR having to go out and get a real tree every year. That makes things so much easier.

    What the heck — cloak yourself in simplicity. 🙂

  6. Given that my Christmas tree has already been pulled down for the second year in a row by a certain older child who I think should know better, I’d say don’t do it. Just think if yours fell down again. And you have your Jesse tree. Sorry Josh…

  7. Do whatever works for you! 🙂 There have been years past that we have totally skipped decorating because it was so much work and we just didn’t feel like it. This year we have a different house and a 19 month old who is thrilled with it so it was actually fun to decorate.

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