The Path of Loneliness – Week in Books #44b

While I’m not in a season of particular loneliness right now, I have had times of feeling crushed under that weight.  Elisabeth Elliot’s book The Path of Loneliness: Finding Your Way Through the Wilderness to God is a helpful resource for dealing with any type of ongoing disappointment, and would be particularly useful to you if you’re currently experiencing a bout of loneliness.

Elliot’s main point is that when you are lonely you need to understand the emotion and then, instead of letting it destroy you, use it to strengthen your walk with God.  With a firm but tender style, Elliot discusses different types and origins of loneliness and difficulty, and describes how we can make even our trials into offerings to God.  She writes:

Thank the Lord for whatever aspect of this gift you can honestly thank Him for – if not for the thing in itself, then for its transformability, for His sovereignty, His will which allows you to have this gift, His unfailing love, the promise of His presence in deep waters and hot fires, the pattern for good which you know He is at work on.  Then, quite simply, offer it up.

It’s difficult to know how to be thankful in all circumstances, and Elliot’s writing in the above quote and throuhout this little book were a great help to me as I read it.  I would recommend it.

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One thought on “The Path of Loneliness – Week in Books #44b

  1. Thanks for your recommendation. I’m going to order two; one for my mother and one for my friend who just lost her husband after 3 years of cancer.

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