America, America – Week in Books #45

America America is an interesting and involved story about the clash between political idealism and political intrigue set against the backdrop of the narrator coming of age in the early 1970s, shifting class lines, and social change.  One of the major themes, as you might guess, is the clash between idealism and reality and what happens to different sorts of people when they realize that the politics they are passionate about is not the ideal world they have envisioned.

The book draws quite a bit from the Kennedy family, although it’s not strictly an allegory about the Kennedys.  It also made me think about our political landscape today and the way that political power still tempts its wielders and its acolytes.

I have gotten in the bad habit of not reviewing books immediately after I’ve read them, and so I must admit to having finished this one weeks ago and thus I might have forgotten salient or detracting points, but overall I thought this was an interesting and engaging book.

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