Walking from East to West – Week in Books #38

Walking from East to West: God in the Shadows is Ravi Zacharias’s memoir of his life and coming to faith in India and North America.  He wrote it with a co-author, which I wondered about, but I wish the c0-author had encouraged Zacharias to condense the first part of the book and write the story of his childhood and early adulthood with more tension.  Although I found his descriptions of life in India fascinating, at times they seemed to drag on or ramble or repeat points he had already made.  In contrast, the second part of the book, describing Zacharias’s work, ministry, and development as an evangelist and Christian apologist was really exciting and hard to put down.

I think writing a memoir would be exceptionally difficult because the genre requires detachment and ability to think critically about one’s own experience, so I don’t want to pan this book.  As I mentioned, the latter part of the book was very well done and interesting, so if you’re interested in India, conversion stories, or particularly enjoy memoir, I would recommend it.

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Note: I forgot to do a week in books post last week, hence the numbering is off.  Sorry!

2 thoughts on “Walking from East to West – Week in Books #38

  1. Thanks for mentioning this book – I’ll have to look for it because I usually enjoy reading conversion stories and memoirs.

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