Seven Quick Takes

1. Fifty-six roses is a lot of roses.

Josh works with a lady (married with adult children) whose ex-boyfriend from years and years ago continues to send her flowers on her birthday and Valentine’s Day.  Evidently this persistence annoys the lady greatly, because she has taken to giving the flowers to Josh so that he can give them to me.  Last week was her birthday so I am currently enjoying a gigantic bouquet of 56 long-stemmed red roses courtesy of her old flame’s unrequited love.  This is almost as entertaining as the Valentine’s Day when FTD delivered the wrong bouquet to our house and we got 100 roses with a note to “Baby” from “Bill” instead of the bouquet my dad ordered sent to my mom who was visiting us at the time.  I guess “Baby” had to be content with a love note to “Ginger” from “Mike” and whatever bouquet my dad had picked out.  At any rate, I enjoy receiving flowers intended for other people just as much as flowers intended for me.

2. Tot soccer is in full swing.

Hannah (4) and Jack (3) are playing soccer this fall in our church’s league.  Quite frankly, they don’t seem to get what is going on, but Jack likes yelling and running around as much as the next guy and Hannah likes that she has a hairbow that perfectly matches her team jersey.  I think it’s important for kids to play sports so they learn fitness and teamwork and whatnot, but I have to say I’m not convinced that either child is headed for the World Cup.  Still, they are having fun and it’s pretty funny to watch a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds attempt to play soccer.

3. Potty training is apparently different for each kid.

Sarah learned to remove her own diapers, and since she knows how to use the toilet anyway I tried potty training her.  I figured it would be no big deal since Hannah was daytime potty trained at 20 months and we started Jack down that road when he was 22 months.  Sarah, on the other hand, is a very independent and opinionated little person and this week also happened to be the one in which she adopted the phrase “No, NO, Noooooooooooooooo!” as her personal motto.  She liked wearing underwear, and ran around yelling, ” ‘Ma big gole!” (I’m a big girl) but kept using her motto when I asked her if she needed to go, and only consented to use the toilet about half the time.  The rest of the times she would come up to me, announce ” ‘Ma big gole!” and then go to the bathroom right before my very eyes.  Well.  I’m not convinced that routine is what I need in my life right now, so I am on the fence about which is more work for me: a toddler who removes her diapers and stealth potties on her brother’s bed for me to find later, or a toddler who doesn’t like outside suggestions about bathroom use and prefers more dramatic elimination.  Ah the many and varied joys of motherhood.

4. Writing is harder than potty training.

I’m radically overhauling my novel these days and finding it hard to make progress.  This week my helpful and long-suffering author friend who edited my first draft helped me to see that my biggest problem is that I don’t like my main character.  She needs a lovable quirk (The character, that is, not my friend.  My friend has a veritable plethora of lovable quirks).  The potential character quirks that come immediately to mind are not so much lovable as bizarre and/or annoying.  For example, I don’t think my main character should have the habit of speaking only in rhyme (anybody want a peanut?) have vestigeal gills or have a superpower like Dolphin Woman.  But seriously, in case you wondered, writing a novel-length story is hard, though less messy than potty training.

5. The nickname stalemate has broken at long last.

I have a personal penchant for nicknames, and like to douse my children with them liberally.  Earlier this summer, to my great chagrin, Hannah declared that I could no longer call her by any other name than Hannah.  It was difficult for me to comply, but I did because I respect her opinion about her name.  Meanwhile I continued to call Jack “Buddy Bojangles” “Boo Magoo” “Bojamangleocious” “Jackaboy the Booleroo” and so forth, and to call Sarah “Sarah Sue” “Susie-June” “Say-Sue-Dolly” “Sarah-Magoodie” and the like.  Finally today Hannah agreed that I could call her “Hannah-Cakes” and that made me glad.  I was wondering if she was starting to feel left out of the nicknamage.

6. Insanity was too insane for my aged knees.

In my post on our preschool day schedule I mentioned that I was doing the Insanity workouts.  I did do them for a bit over a week, and then my knees screamed uncle.  Back in college I messed up one of my knees, had surgery and a bone graft and various and sundry other repairs, and was left with instructions not to run unless I was in danger, such as would be posed in the event that I was “being chased by a bear” as my surgeon put it.  Apparently Insanity is more high impact than fleeing the odd rampaging bear.  So I sold Insanity on Craig’s List (for $5 less than I paid for it) and got the (much cheaper) Jillian Micheal’s DVD Shred-It With Weights for free with Amazon credit I earned via Swagbucks.  I hope it’s good.  The new Jillian workout uses a kettlebell, and I’m not sure which size to get.  I do No More Trouble Zones with 8 lb hand weights.  Do you think I should get a 10 lb kettlebell or a heavier one?

7. The house saga continues.

Thanks to everyone who has prayed for us and our house situation.  This week brought more phone calls and inspections and some new information, so we’re continuing to pray that the home builder would be honest and that somehow the situation would be taken care of without us having to go into debt over it.  We appreciate your prayers for us!

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8 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes

  1. Hanna-cakes . . . cute. My husband is obsessed with nicknames, too. Everyone in the family, including the cats, have continuously evolving nicknames. It’s such a sign of affection, I’m very fond of it.

    and I CAN’T believe that woman is getting flowers from an ex-boyfriend from an almost-lifetime ago — I’d be annoyed too. That is just too much. Even a FB message is too much. Live and let die. At least you get to enjoy the flowers, though….

  2. I love nicknames as well, my kid does not… it drives him nuts 🙂
    About the kettlebell- I have a 4 # one- I am a wuss- it kicks my butt.
    They are alot different than regular weights. I wouldn’t go more than
    10 #’s at first because the momentum is what makes it work. It’s
    not like lifting a regular weight. That’s just me though, like I said,
    I am a total wuss 🙂

  3. I just started using a workout by this lady ( and I really like it. I first bought a 10 lb, but took it back b/c it was too easy. Then I bought a 15# and I’m looking to move up. I emailed her and told her my general overall fitness and she suggested I start with a 24 lb. So, now I’m kind of on the fence about the 20 or the 24.

    If you’re unsure you could get Jillian Micheal’s adjustable one (I’ve seen it at Wal-mart). I think it adjusts from 5 lbs up to 20. It’s about $60 though, which is about the cost of the 24 lb one. And yes, I have tried out my moves in the store, though I feel stupid doing it.

    1. Thanks for the link, Rachel! I’m glad to hear that kettlebells are cheaper at Walmart (the Jillian one was $90 at the store I checked today!) – I was in the store trying them out today too and decided the 10 lb was too light. I’ve also been looking at them on Amazon since I can get them for free that way with Swagbucks, but not many are free shipping. I guess it makes sense that they don’t want to ship a 20 lb iron ball for free. 🙂

  4. So catching up on your blog on my break today and laughing out loud at all the fun stuff in this post!! Sarah is so funny. I think she inherited the part of you that made you my best friend in college. 🙂

    Also, though I have no potty training experience other than my own, I agree that writing is harder despite the lack of icky mess. Though I can’t wait to see how it turns out!!! Also, blushing at “plethora of lovable quirks”… 😉

    I’m praying about the house thing, and continue to marvel at your amazing capacity for ridiculous workouts. Seriously, most of my 30-something friends have moved on to cigarettes and coffee, so good for you for sticking it out in the healthy living way! This is why God sends you flowers from unexpected places!

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