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In addition to sporadic guitar lessons, we also let the children play around on the piano.  They don’t know how to play anything really, but we work on not banging the keys and the sound that a scale makes and so forth.

This year we’re also trying out composer study. For us, for this level, that means we listen to music by our composer (Bach for right now) and listen for the instruments used in the music, and read some books about the composer.  Sadly I have not found any living books about Bach, so we’ve looked at a few books from the library and I’ve edited the text heavily to just give basic information like Bach’s name and birthplace, his family, the types of music he wrote, and so forth.  In addition to listening to Bach at various times during our day, we also have Bach’s works as mood music during dinner sometimes.

My goal for composer study and music for preschool is that the children would learn to appreciate classical music and be exposed to different instrument sounds, and that they would see music as something we value in our family and something they should aspire to play themselves when they are older.

How do you go about teaching music to small children?  Do you have different goals or methods that work for your kids?

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  1. We constantly listened to classical music and identified composers when my girls were younger. They are now 10 and 11. I can say that after all I did with them they have retained all of their musical knowledge from Little Einsteins. My 6 yr old can identify tempos, composers, instruments and pieces thanks to Julie Clark and Disney. I hate to admit that this had such a great influence, but it did. They all 3 play piano and my 10 yr old plays viola. They will still clap to remember allegro, adagio and presto.

  2. My professional advice is this: working on the concept of the scale is probably the worst thing you can do. Hannah is definitely not too young to start some piano training. I would suggest my favorite beginner series (Piano Discoveries by Janet Vogt) because it has a great off-staff starter book. You can also try the Music Tree series which is geared toward group but has great creative exercises.

    Composer study is a great tool, just keep to big concepts. Little Einsteins is great for teaching music too!

    1. Hey Shannon, thanks for commenting! I have been meaning to email you about piano for Hannah. Thank you for the series recommendation. I took piano for 10 years, although I am not naturally gifted at it, so I feel like perhaps I could teach Hannah at least the very basic basics if I had a good book. I’ll look for the one you mentioned.

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