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I have to admit that I’m not often a “fun mom.”  Some mothers I know are so laid back and have such a talent for doing chill and fantastically fun things that never occur to me.  Sure, we do random silly things every now and then, but it’s not a main component of my mom-ness.

I think it’s OK for families to be different in parenting styles and atmospheres, but I do want to try to think of more just-plain-fun things to do with the kids.  So lately we’ve been having “face lunches” a few times a week, just for fun.  Really this is not a big deal.  I take whatever I have around and make a face out of it on the plates.  The kids see a face on their plates and you would think I just gave them a pony.  Seriously.  That is how not-fun I am normally!

What sorts of things do you do with your kids just for fun?

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  1. One of the things I like to do now and then is to have a ‘just because’ tea party instead of the children’s normal tea. They love sandwiches and cakes far more than any hot meal I could prepare!

    One of the fun things we like to do as a family is to have a family film night. After Emma goes to bed we pile the living room table with hotdogs, popcorn, crisps and sweets, turn off the lights, curl up together with blankets and watch a film. For the children, I think it is more about staying up late and having unlimited access to bowls of sweets and crisps than it is about the film, but we all enjoy it.

  2. Love the face lunch! 🙂 I’m not a mom yet, but I have WONDERFUL memories of stuff my mom used to do with us, and that I look forward to doing them with my kids:

    – Lots of nature walks (collecting chestnuts, leaves, seeds, pine cones, etc and then sorting, playing and making scrapbooks with our finds later)
    – Lots of “dress up” – wearing old shoes and clothes from family members, or bits of old Halloween costumes
    – Pitching tents in the backyard and playing Red Indians (maybe not politically correct, but it was the 70s! :)). We have a wonderful photo of my mom and me sitting Indian style outside our tent with feathers in our hair and warpaint on!
    – Making tents in the living room with comforters and clothes airers, and reading/playing in them
    – Crafting! Oh my goodness. This was my mom’s forte. We made Easter cards, Xmas cards and Valentines and sent them to relatives. We wrote letters to Grandma in different colored pens and illustrated them and mailed them. We made books and wrote stories and drew pictures of everything. We made dolls out of wooden clothes pins (pipe cleaner arms, yarn hair and magic-marker faces). We decorated shoe boxes and kept “treasures” (usually nature-walk finds) in them. We printed “wrapping paper” with potatoes. We dyed hard-boiled eggs for Easter with food coloring, tea leaves and onion skins (they go a wonderful reddish brown with the onion skins). We made Christmas ornaments out of glitter and pine cones and string, and we knitted and crocheted and did cross-stitch kits and strung beads and made bracelets out of embroidery floss.
    – Backyard picnics (just regular lunch, in the backyard on a blanket, becomes a completely different experience).
    – We made a lot of Playdough. This was one of my favorite things – my mom would mix up a batch of (I believe) flour, water, food coloring and salt, put aprons on us and a plastic cloth on the table, and let us go wild with cookie cutters, plastic utensils and our imaginations. I still remember the super-salty taste of the stuff – maybe that’s why she put the salt in it :).
    – We made dolls’ houses out of boxes and anything we could find. We had cotton-reel chairs, rag-scrap tablecloths, pine-cone pets (there were a lot of pine cones in my childhood!) and tiny vases of grass stems for flowers.
    – We did the same out of doors, and called them “fairy houses”. They had pebble furniture and moss carpets and were tucked under bushes and at the bases of trees.
    – We colored. Endlessly.
    – We grew cress and sprouts on wet paper towels and ate them later in sandwiches.
    – We kept tadpoles in Tupperware and watched them grow into frogs.
    – When it snowed, we built snowmen and igloos and went sledging.

    I’d better stop here – I hope some of this is inspirational! 🙂

  3. Lately we’ve been playing a lot of pretend and since L isn’t quite up to D’s need for interaction yet, I usually end up playing pretend with him. We’re dogs or Sesame Street characters or whatever (sea turtles come to mind with your kids). I think “getting into their world” goes a long way toward relating to your kids and developing relationship with them but it also helps with getting them to do stuff. If I ask “Doggie” to do something when D is playing dog, then I’m more likely to get a positive response than if I ask D to do something. I also do a lot of wrestling/rough housing with them. D and I just came up with this really cool flip thing that he can do using my exercise ball. Then L gets into the action – I bounce her on the ball and then she lays on the ball and I hold her ankles and roll her around. These gets lots of laughs and giggles. That’s how I’ve been acting silly with mine lately.

    1. That’s an interesting point Heather – I didn’t think about playing pretend and things like that as being Fun Mom stuff, but maybe you’re right! In that case, maybe I’m more fun than I give myself credit for. I was thinking more along the lines of encouraging the kids to make more messes as being fun, but maybe I just have my own ways of being fun.

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