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It’s been a while since I highlighted the blog sponsors whose buttons appear in the sidebar.  I accept ads from businesses and groups that impress me and seem like a good fit for my readers, with great products and good deals.  Without further ado, here are the current sponsors so you can learn more about them and visit their sites:

I hadn’t heard of faithbooking before until I got in touch with Donna from Scrapbook your Christian Faith.  Her website and e-book will walk you through how to document your faith heritage so that your children and future generations can know your story.  I think this sounds like a really neat thing to do, and like something that would make a great gift for other members of your family whose faith stories you might not know.

Adorable Blessings is a great childrens clothing boutique where you can buy unique outfits for girls and boys, as well as bib and burp cloth sets and crayon rolls.  The shop has some new fall clothes in stock so be sure to check it out if it’s been a while since you looked!

Every week Hope is the Word, a great blog about teaching and reading to small children, hosts Read-Aloud Thursday.  This is your chance to link up reviews of childrens books and check out what other parents are reading.  This blog is a great resource!

Babies Online offers lots of free things parents can sign up for, ranging from free subscriptions to parenting magazines to coupons for diapers and baby food, to discounts at other retailers.  I have clicked over several times and found different items on offer, so it might be worth checking out more than once.  I think it’s worth it for the high value diaper coupons alone, but I also turn the free magazines in to the used book store when I’m through with them, and use the proceeds to buy more books.  If you’re near a good used book store, you might consider a few free subscriptions for that purpose too.

If you’re expecting, you can get a personalized weekly pregnancy newsletter with all the information about your baby’s gestational development that week, what you can expect, tips on how to handle common problems and have a healthy pregnancy, as well as other stuff like help picking your baby’s name and whatnot.  When I was pregnant with Hannah, Jack, and Sarah  I enjoyed getting weekly updates so I can keep track of what’s going on with the baby.

I presume you’re familiar with Amazon, right?  🙂  When you click through one of the links in my book reviews or on the ad in my sidebar you can make your usual Amazon purchases, but I get a tiny (0-4% usually) referral fee at no additional cost to you.  Plus Amazon doesn’t send me a notification about what you bought, so I won’t judge you if you’re buying neon green patent leather boots or something.  Even if I know you in real life I won’t judge you for the patent leather boots, though I will not ask to borrow them.  You go ahead and rock those boots, girl.  And thank you to the readers who make purchases through my affiliate links, I really appreciate it!

I’ve waxed eloquent before about the various and sundry reasons you should join and use Swagbucks.  If you’re new here, Swagbucks is a search engine that pays you to search the web.  It’s just like google or ask or any of the other search engines, except instead of pocketing the revenue they make from selling ads and clicks like the other companies do, Swagbucks passes some of that bounty on to you.  You can redeem the Swagbucks you earn for all sorts of prizes or even cash to your paypal account, but I still think the best deal is the Amazon gift cards.  Even if you do just one search a day, you will make enough Swagbucks to get a $5 Amazon gift card in a month.  It’s a great program.

As always, thanks for reading A Spirited Mind and for visiting these sponsors!

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  1. Must confess that use the Amazon page much more than the others. I love my Kindle and really reccomend it to all your users. If you travel, kindle is a must. Not sure how the others work, but I normaly do over 100,000 miles a year and my fellow travellers are all sold on the Amazon service with Kindle. I curently have 48 active books (including my ESV Bible and dictionary) plus 18 in archive. Great selection and you can catch up between terminals if needed!!! I got 3 books in the time it took to go from cross country to local in San Diego on a recent stop. Check it out

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