The Discipline of Grace, Week in Books #30a

This fall I’m facilitating a Biblestudy on Jerry Bridges’ excellent book The Discipline of Grace: God’s Role and Our Role in the Pursuit of Holiness and I’m SO excited about it.  (Note to women from my church or near the north east side of Indianapolis, I’d love for you to join me!)  I’ve raved about Bridges’ books before, and The Discipline of Grace is equally excellent to his previous books.  I think Bridges does a great job of presenting deep theological points and ideas, fully backed up with Scripture, in a humble and accessible style.  If you’re looking to grow in your faith, The Discipline of Grace would be of immense help to you.

Bridges begins by setting forth the need for Christians to truly understand the daily importance of the gospel in their lives and preach it to themselves daily because if we relegate the gospel to something only new believers need, we cannot fully and rightly understand our relationship to God and our role in sanctification, much less God’s. 

The book also delves deeply into several spiritual disciplines that enable Christian growth, going far beyond the familiar “read your Bible and pray” type, although he does exhort readers to do those things.  The disciplines covered include our response to God’s grace, Scripture memory, intensity and wholeheartedness in obedience, dependence on the Holy Spirit, commitment, conviction, meditation on Scripture, choices/habits, mortification (breaking spiritual bad habits), watching, and adversity. 

I would highly recommend The Discipline of Grace to any Christian – you will not fail to be challenged and convicted by the truths in the study, and also encouraged as you grow.  Although I think the book is quite well suited for group study and discussion, you could also get a lot out of it in your personal devotions.  Bridges also wrote a companion study guide for the book, which we will be using in the group study I’m leading, and which you might like to work through if you’re reading the book on your own.  You can get a lot out of the book by itself, but the topics are such that doing deeper thinking and study might be beneficial.

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3 thoughts on “The Discipline of Grace, Week in Books #30a

  1. If you’re serious about it being open for someone to join, I’d be interested, depending on the timing/exact location. I’ll send you an email…

  2. Jerry is great, actually got to meet him this summer. If you get the chance please read The Great Exchange and Bookends that he wrote with Bob Bevington. Amy and Bob are good friends of mine and amazing people. The Great Exchange will build your faith even more and leave you in amazement. If you listen to Focus on the Family, keep listening…Bob and Amy will be on soon.

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