Hannah’s First Plane Ride

So much to catch up on after a week of not blogging much!  Things have been really busy.  Last Thursday Hannah took her first airplane ride to visit her grandparents.  My mom flew with her, so she wasn’t by herself, and she loved it.  Notice how her outfit matches her doll’s outfit.  🙂  She picked that out herself; she’s very big on matching right now.

Prior to getting on the plane Hannah rehearsed with me what she would do if she got lost.  I was concerned she might dart away from my mom, but it turns out Hannah was most concerned that my parents wouldn’t know she needs to eat!  She asked if she could pack her backpack full of yogurt so she wouldn’t get hungry while she was staying with them.  She also felt nervous that they wouldn’t know she can’t have caffeine and that she needs lots of vegetables and protein (her words – kids think strange things!).

Hannah got to spent several days with my parents doing all sorts of fun stuff, and they evidently kept her well fed in spite of the fact that her backpack contained no yogurt.  The other kids and I met up with her yesterday when we drove out to Virginia.  Every year we travel down to see all of my relatives on the East Coast and get some beach time.  It’s a long time to be gone but we’re extra glad to see Daddy when we get home.  Hopefully we’ll have some great adventures over the next few weeks.

2 thoughts on “Hannah’s First Plane Ride

  1. Hannah looks adorable in this picture! I can see where she gets her ability to match. Your mum looks incredibly elegant in her impeccably co-ordinated outift. It must run in the family!

    Hope you all have a wonderful time at the beach.

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