Strawberry Girls (and Boy)

On Tuesday we picked strawberries with our playgroup, and we quickly ate the nearly six pounds we picked.  Today we went back to pick more strawberries.  Since it is a sunny day, the girls wore their matching Gymboree strawberry dresses and hats.  Above, Sarah samples the goods.

Every time Sarah found a berry, she would hold it up and yell “APP-POH!”  She says “appo” instead of apple, and applies that moniker to all fruits except for bananas, which she calls “bahz.”

Jack took the strawberrying very seriously today.  He solemnly tasted berries, put some (few) in his bucket, and kept urging me and the girls to “pick up the pace.”  The area we were picking was a little past prime so it took me a while to get a box full.

Sometimes Hannah reminds me so much of my great-grandmother.  She looks so much like Nana in this picture!  Maybe that’s just me.

When we got home, Sarah and I looked like we had been slaughtering hogs or something.  OxiClean to the rescue!  I really hope I can salvage her dress, it’s basically wrecked.  But since I only spent a few dollars on the matching outfits at a garage sale (woot!) no harm no foul if all we got out of them was a photo op.

With today’s haul, I now have lots of frozen berries and seven jars of freezer jam (I used the Ball Jar method with pectin and a higher fruit to sugar ratio), plus a big bowl of berries for dessert tonight.  Yum!

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