Sea Turtle Birthday

Sunday was Jack’s third birthday.  Since he’s still obsessed with sea turtles he had a sea turtle birthday party on Saturday afternoon.  Fortunately he has shorts with sea turtles on them, and the girls each have a sea turtle dress, so it was like a theme party.  I love theme parties.

Jack asked for a sea turtle cake and I think it came out all right.  I made a green velvet cake (just the red velvet cake recipe but with green food coloring instead of red) and green marshmallow fondant.  Finally, I suspended the cake in blue jello to look like water.  I’m fairly proud of that little maneuver, as it totally increased the realism.  That’s a 3 iced on the top.  The 3 did not increase the realism.

Here you can see how I was not kidding about the green velvet cake.  Or the blue jello.

I also made sea turtle cookies

Some of which were packaged up as party favors.

Jack had a few of his friends and their parents over to celebrate with him, and in spite of not having slept much the night before from excitement he had a good time at his party. All weekend he reminded us “I am the birthday boy!” and announced that he was not going to wear diapers to bed anymore.  He’s been potty trained during the day for a long time now, but it’s great to have him self-training at night too!  Now, for the first time in years, we only have one kid in diapers at our house.

Jack is a fun and sweet boy, full of hilarious observations and meltingly adorable smiles and hugs.  He is, for the most part, great at sharing and considerate of his sisters.  He and Hannah play together all day, and recently he’s become good buddies with Sarah too.  She calls him “Zhackum” and he calls her “Sawah Soo” or “Sawah Magoo-dee.”  He doesn’t have a nickname for Hannah, although she calls him “Buddy” and he told her to call him “Handsome” instead.  So you can see that he has a good level of self-esteem going!

Jack loves to play with cars and trucks, puzzles, and trains, and lately he’s gotten really into tools.  His friend Kate gave him a tool box for his birthday and he’s been carrying it around asking me if I have anything I’d like him to fix.  He also loves to read books, and is happy sitting on my lap for as long as my voice lasts reading to him.  Since Hannah is learning to read, Jack wants to learn to read too, and although he’s not ready to really learn, he knows all the alphabet sounds and can read two letter words pretty well.  He also likes to count and paint and “write” (mostly the letters O and A and squiggles) and listen to music.  One time recently he asked me to play him some “Moke-sock” and it took me a while to realize he was requesting Mozart!  He likes violins and plunking around on our piano and wants to play guitar like his daddy.  In his spare time, Jack does killer pushups and likes to play t-ball and soccer in the backyard.

I love that Jack is all boy and yet still super cuddly and affectionate.  He’s just so much fun to be around and such a blessing to our family.  We love you Jack!  Happy Birthday!

11 thoughts on “Sea Turtle Birthday

  1. I love the cake…the ‘sea’ was inspired! Those cookies are adorable…I love theme parties too!

    Congratulations on the ‘everyone smiling at the camera’ shot. Wish we could get one of those!

    Happy 3rd birthday to Jack.

    1. Apologies for the rather disjointed nature of that comment. I had a rough night with the kids and the brain hasn’t engaged yet!

  2. So glad Jack had such a nice birthday. And I do love your family picture! I can’t believe everyone is looking the right direction and smiling 🙂 What a feat! He’s such an adorable little guy.

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