Reliance comes in on little cat feet

It’s amazing how quickly I grow to rely on things that I formerly got along just fine without. For example, from December 2005 until April 2009 I didn’t have a cell phone.  There were times when one would have come in handy, but for the most part I got along fine.  Then I got the cell phone and now sometimes I feel like I’m glued to it.

Likewise, from late 2004 until December 2009 we only had one car.  Sure, there were times when it would have been convenient to have a second vehicle, but we coordinated our schedules and made it work.  Then a few days after Sarah was born we got a minivan and I quickly came to rely on having my own transportation whenever I needed it.

Yesterday Josh got into a car accident.  He’s fine, but it looks like his car may not be.  Until they decide if it’s totaled and from then until we decide if we’re buying another car, we’re a one car family again.  I have to admit I feel a little derailed.

There are benefits to having one car, and I’m focusing on those:

  • It makes us more mindful of each other’s schedules
  • It makes me more efficient and targeted with my shopping and errands
  • It keeps us home more so I can get housework done and spend relaxed time with the kids
  • It makes me extra thankful for the one car that we do have

Still, it’s a little funny how things that are helpful quickly become necessary, isn’t it? I imagine that’s how most technology designed to be labor-saving becomes something you can’t live without.  If your dishwasher breaks you could probably figure out how to wash your dishes (been there), but if your washing machine broke could you wash your clothes by hand?  With the amount of laundry I do, that would be my full time job.  I’d have to hire a laundress.  Now that I think about it, hiring a laundress sounds like a great idea even if my washing machine NEVER breaks.  But you see what I mean.

I’m no Luddite, I enjoy modern conveniences, but this week’s events have made me think about how easy it is to move from using something to relying on it. It’s definitely making me more mindful of my blessings and how I use them.

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