Discover your child’s heart: Review and Giveaway!

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Family Matters gave me the opportunity to test out their new program for helping parents understand their kids’ unique strengths and building relationships between parents and kids, The Kids Flag Page.  The kit is based on the ideas in Grace Based Parenting and is a fun way for parents to discover things about their kids and for kids to figure things out about themselves.

The kit comes with enough materials for three different children, and includes a book, game board, chart, character trait cards, flag pages, stickers, and instructions.  The idea is that the parent and child go through the character trait cards with the child selecting ones that are “always me” “sometimes me” or “never me” and from that you filter down to discovering the child’s main personality traits.  Each trait is phrased positively, which will really help kids who are wondering if they are OK just how they are.  The fact is, every trait can be either a strength or a weakness, and it’s helpful for parents to learn how to point the child toward the strength.

For kids, I think this project is great because it’s a fun and colorful craft and because it builds relationship with the parent and gives the child confidence and worth.

For parents I think the project is helpful because it will give you insight into what makes your child tick, what strengths to encourage and what pitfalls to avoid, and how to understand that child so you can parent him with grace.

The 168 page book included with the set goes into great detail about the different personality combinations and how to navigate them as a parent.  The book would be especially helpful if you have kids whose personality types are very different from your own.  I liked the emphasis on moving toward strengths and parenting with understanding.

It may seem like a lot of work to figure out your child’s uniqueness and parent each child according to his or her personality, but Dr. Kimmel points out that doing so really makes things easier for you as a parent.  As he says, “chances are, your most difficult child is the one who is least understood by you.”

After going into the specifics of each potential personality combination, Dr. Kimmel gives an overview of grace-based parenting, which will be familiar to you if you’ve read his book on the subject.

The kit is billed for children aged 6-11 and I think that’s probably the age range that would get the most out of it – kids that age are beginning to realize how they are different from others and have a better grasp on their personalities than to younger kids.  That said, I went through it with Hannah, who is four and a half, and she grasped the concept.  Although she understood what we were doing, I’m not convinced that she got as much out of it as an older child would.  As a parent, it was helpful for me to go through the cards with her and get a sense of her strengths based on my own observations, but I think a large part of the benefit of this program is for the child to see how his or her unique makeup can be one of strength rather than just difference.  I think I will try the project again when she’s a little older  Older kids might also enjoy the assessment portion of the project, even if they aren’t into the craft part.

You can learn more about The Kids Flag Page on the Family Matters website, including a video showing how to use the kit.


Family Matters has graciously offered to give one reader of A Spirited Mind a kids flag page kit. 

  • To enter, leave a comment letting us know a fun activity you do to build relationships with your kids.
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I’ll select a winner by a random number generator on Monday, June 28, at 1:30pm EST.

Disclosure: Family Matters sent me a Kids Flag Page kit free of charge for me to review, and is giving away an additional kit to one reader.  I was not otherwise compensated for this review, and the opinions included are my own.  The links on this page are to the Family Matters website and are not affiliate links.

28 thoughts on “Discover your child’s heart: Review and Giveaway!

  1. I have three kids that I homeschool so we’re always doing fun things together, but I make it a priority to have one on one time with them as much as possible. They are far more willing to open up with me in that setting and I love making them feel special and loved. I usually take them out to avoid distractions and we always end the time together with a treat, ice cream or something!!

  2. Most of the women in our accountability group have read and are using Grace Based parenting. We were just discussing different needs in guiding and correcting our children, and current difficult behaviors we are dealing with. It was so cool to see this on my news feed after we were just discussing not knowing what to do with our strong willed precious children. Thank you for this post!!!

  3. With my seven year old I try to do fun projects together. Right now we are doing an art-journaling challenge together. It’s been so fun and a lot of the prompts have led to other wonderful conversations 🙂

  4. Our family likes to build relationships through playing games together. We have a weekly family game night on Friday nights and it the favorite night of the week for us all! I would LOVE to give the Flag Page a try…just heard about it this past weekend. What a great tool!! Thanks!!

  5. Neat product! My husband and I try to build our relationship with our two daughters doing fun things outside. We live on my parents’ farm and spend lots of time outside exploring – picking rasberries, taking apples that fall from our trees down to the pigs, observing the growth of all the mum plants in my brother’s greenhouse, taking golf cart rides down to the Ohio river to watch boats, etc. Seems so simple, but we enjoy our time together.

  6. Hey! I would love to win this! I think that this would really help me with the child that I know that I understand the least. We build relationships by reading aloud (a lot!), looking up trees, flowers, insect, birds, etc. together. I rotate who gets to sit with me in the front of the van when we run errands, and we get to talk semi-privately at that time, we also have a family fun night on Fridays. I can always look for new ways though to build those relationships!

  7. My daughter was an only child for 8 years and having a baby brother has been a difficult transition for her. To help her cope, we have “Three Family Date Night”. When she was an only child, she referred to us as the “Three Family”. My husband and I now try to transition her back to that place occasionally with our date night. We leave baby brother with the grandparents and just do things she likes. She gets our undivided attention for a few hours and we learn a lot about our girl.

  8. My daughter and I read a lot together. We often talk about what the characters in the stories did and why. I ask her if she would have done something differently. Why or why not? I love to learn and hear how my daughter views the world around her.

  9. This looks like a neat kit. If I won, I would save it and definitely use it with my kids when they are a little older (right now, they’re 3 1/2, 2, and in utero).

    I think the main ways I build relationships with my kids are by singing to and reading to them. As they get older, I think I will really enjoy playing board games with them, as well, but at this point, I can only take so much Uno and Chutes and Ladders. 🙂

  10. I’ve never heard of this, but it looks great. It is always a challenge and joy to see how children from the same family can each be so unique. My boys are now 3, 6 and 8. Our family baseball games and bike rides are their favorite times connecting with us.

  11. This looks really interesting. I have to say, I find it difficult to have one on one time with my (4) kids. And it makes me feel guilty.

  12. I try to take my boys (2 and 4 years) on individual dates sometimes. The 4 yo loves the library and the 2 yo just wants to go pet the horses at a friend’s house!

  13. Like Dovey, we bond frequently by reading together. Like Andrea, our oldest was an only for 8 yrs. and I sometimes feel a great sadness for the closeness we lost when we introduced the two little guys into the family. Part of Bryce’s emotional distance is his personality, part is a natural process in his adolescence. Still, I am learning this week, while he is away at percussion camp at Butler, that he is willing to communicate if I spend time texting him (not something that comes naturally to me, but I may try to work on it more knowing that it draws him out a bit).

    This product sounds really neat and I think my younger boys would actually participate.

  14. I do a lot of question and answer snuggly periods with my 4 year old. I like to ask him all sorts of questions and he does the same. We really enjoy it.

  15. This sounds like a lot of fun to have! I have three sweet darlings already and another one on the way… and the three I already have and hold are SO DIFFERENT from each other! It would be neat to study their different personality traits and how I can be a better Mommy to each of them in their special areas.

  16. am I too late?? Well, I’ll leave a thought anyway 🙂 I love to cook with my kids – they learn and we have a lot of fun!

  17. A fun activity I do to connect with my kids is take a walk together on summer mornings. We have a chance to talk and really get to know each other better without any distractions.

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