Good Links for This Weekend

In  case you need something to read this weekend, here are a few links to thought-provoking or appetite-inducing or creativity-sparking posts I’ve enjoyed lately:

Food and Drink


Things to think about

  • “Do you feel somewhat offended that cleaning takes any time at all?”  Good thoughts keeping things moderately clean when you’d really rather be doing something else than keeping house from Like Mother Like Daughter.
  • Recognize that the more you write on your own personal to-do list, the more you sacrifice the relationships with the people you are trying to serve.  Only do the things you can get done while still being nice.  If you can’t accomplish it without yelling at your kids, don’t do it.  Or save it for bedtime.  Making yourself wait for the hard stuff until after the kids go to bed and you’re exhausted will help you prioritize your life QUICKLY!”  Great post from Vitafamiliae on staying positive when life is crazy.
  • Part two of the above link: “But here’s the thing:  We ask that our children exercise a lot of self-control.  Heck, that’s mostly what all of this parenting and training is about, teaching them how to control themselves and not act like the animals that they are.  But I think sometimes we cut ourselves too much slack as parents, especially when we’re dealing with younger children who are physically overwhelming but have short attention spans that allow them to forget our crimes against them.  We excuse ourselves from demonstrating the same self-control that we vociferously demand from our small children.” Another very convicting post from Vitafamiliae, definitely worth a read.
  • “Christ did not come to make us more civil or successful or more socially responsible or even to make us better husbands and wives.  He came to give us life.Christ did not come to make us  more civil or successful or more socially responsible or even to make us better husbands and wives.  He came to give us life.”  Great post from Life in Grace on the problem with the deeds-not-creeds mentality.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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