Cell phone for free?

This may be of interest to you if you need a new cell phone or have Amazon credits from affiliate proceeds or Swagbucks (if you don’t have Amazon credits from Swagbucks you are missing out, but I’ve mentioned that before).

Amazon started a new site selling cell phones through the Amazon portal. This means you can use your Amazon credits to pay for your phone (it looks like most are a penny if you get a service plan) and your calling plan.  I’m not familiar enough with other plans to know if the rates on Amazon are better, but since it’s Amazon, I’m betting they are cutting deals.  In any case, using your Swagbucks Amazon cards to pay for a cell phone means you can use your actual money to pay for other stuff, which is great.

If you check out the Amazon site and get a great deal on a cell phone plan, let us know how the deal stacks up!

Disclosure: I don’t post many deals here since so many other people do that full time, but this one seemed good if you already have Amazon credits.  I am an Amazon affiliate so the Amazon links above are affiliate links – if you purchase something from Amazon through one of my links I get a referral fee depending on the item at no additional cost to you.  You can read more in my Disclosure Policy linked in the right hand sidebar.

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