Booking It: Has it really been a month?

I guess time flies when you’re reading good books, because it’s time for another month of reading round-up with Life As Mom.  Click the links below to read my more in-depth reviews from the past four weeks.

This month I read two books that will make my Year In Books list:

  • A Praying Life is the best book I’ve ever read on prayer – very deep and well grounded while also being honest and utterly practical.  I can’t recommend this book highly enough.
  • Prodigal God changed the way I understand the Prodigal Son parable and challenged and convicted me in so many ways.  I think any Christian would get a lot out of this book, and any seeker would come away with a better understanding of the Gospel.

I also read two books with Korean themes:

  • The Calligrapher’s Daughter describes one girl’s experience during the Japanese occupation of Korea in the early 1900s through World War II, and although I thought it could have been better, I did enjoy the story.
  • Native Speaker is an unusual book about a Korean-American man struggling to make sense of his life in a story that combines politics, espionage and immigrant story sub-genres.  The book is well written and very interesting, in spite of my soapbox caveat.

Also mentioned:

  • Praying Backwards, while not as jam-packed as A Praying Life, is a helpful and insightful book on prayer.
  • Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day would be great if you’re gluten-free, but otherwise I thought it needlessly complicated the process established in Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, and most people could just stick with Artisan Bread and be happier.

Feel free to hop over to Life as Mom to read more book reviews, or to link up your own.  Happy reading!

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