Top 3 Movies = Your Calling?

List your three favorite movies. (Don’t think about it; just list them.) Now look over your list. What is the common thread in all three? That common thread is typically your passion colliding with the world’s greatest need.    ~Author Mary DeMuth, in a guest post on Michael Hyatt’s blog

In her excellent post on discerning your tribe (passion, calling), Mary DeMuth suggested the exercise above.  I thought of my top three movies and then laughed – surely they have nothing in common and surely no one will ever take me seriously.  If only my top movies were painfully artistic or at least had subtitles.  But no, my top three movies are:

  • When Harry Met Sally
  • High Fidelity
  • The Great Muppet Caper

Seriously.  See what I mean?  How am I to discern my main theme here?

I moved on and went about my housework, still rolling the movie problem around in the back of my head.  Then, as I realized I had washed an entire load of laundry without putting detergent in with the dirty clothes (oops), it came to me.  My movies DO have something in common:

  • Using humor even in difficult circumstances
  • Characters who are looking for something they think they want, but come to realize that what they actually want is right under their noses, if they will only be themselves right where they are.

After I added detergent to the wet-but-still-dirty laundry and congratulated myself for finding the common themes in my movies, I was struck yet again:

  • Humor and finding joy in being myself in my own circumstances, rather than trying to be what other people want me to be are major issues in my own life.
  • Those are two of the main themes in the novel I’m writing.

I know you’re probably like, “Um, where are we going with all this?” but I think you should try it for yourself!  This exercise has helped me figure out some areas I could focus better in my story but maybe it has further implications I haven’t thought of yet.  In any case, it might be an interesting exercise for you to try.

Your turn: What are your top three movies, what do they have in common, and do you think that is representative of your passion, calling, or tribe?

7 thoughts on “Top 3 Movies = Your Calling?

  1. It’s hard to pick only three – but here they are:
    The Princess Bride
    The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy’s where I can’t decide..
    Pride & Prejudice
    Mary Poppins

    I’ll let you know when I’ve found the common ground! 😀 HA!

  2. Field of Dreams
    Sweet November
    The Cutting Edge

    I think the common thread is don’t fight love and fight for the one you love. It’s a reminder to me to make my loved ones first priority, to help them even when they are difficult or pushing me away, to be their number one fan and to accept them when they do the same for me. It’s ok to let yourself be loved…even with imperfections.

  3. Family Man
    Pride and Prejudice
    Little Women

    The easy answer is that my life centers around my family (which it does) but I’m digging deeper for a more specific common thread. I really like what you ascertained from your movie selections 🙂

  4. Favorite three movies?
    ~It’s a Wonderful Life
    ~Facing the Giants
    ~Anne of Green Gables

    The theme? I’m love me a sappy movie? 🙂 Actually, there is a theme of doing your best and trusting God for Him to work it all out- right? That’s all I got, anyway!

  5. The Sound of Music
    The Patriot
    Chariots of Fire

    Hm. What a conundrum. Open to suggestions…! 🙂 This was a fun exercise, though – I loved your synopsis and analysis!!!

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