Perfectionist Mom and the Lesson of the Little Bakers

Last week I let the kids make Josh’s birthday cake.  They got to measure the ingredients and grease the pans, but I operated the heavy machinery.  Let’s just say that the flour and powdered sugar measurements were not what you would call “exact” by any means.  The end result was a kind of dry cake and really weird crumbly buttercream and too runny royal icing, but the kids LOVED making Daddy’s cake and were SO proud of it.

Part of me wanted to make a nice cake for Josh’s birthday, with fondant and a theme and everything, but I’m glad I let go of my need to make everything a big occasion for performance and just let the kids take joy in their efforts.   Although I do like to make special cakes, and I will keep making them in the future, our celebration was just as happy with our funny looking cake made with too much of the dry ingredients and lots and lots of love.

3 thoughts on “Perfectionist Mom and the Lesson of the Little Bakers

  1. I have had such a hard time letting go and letting my kids in the kitchen. We have started baking on Monday afternoons. I let the kids do most of the work and they love it. I think a cake made of love beats a dry cake any day.


  2. Very insightful post and precious picture of the kids in their aprons! I’m sure they are joining the ranks of the family chefs!

  3. I love the picture of the chefs! I am sure the cake was even more special to Josh. I am sure Hannah is ready to tackle fondant. Let her give it a whirl next time you bake.

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