Have Ingredients, Soliciting Meal Ideas

I accidentally committed Once a Month Cooking over the weekend. I had no intention of doing it, but I found two really nice roasts, the kind with no fat or bones, marked down to $1.29 per pound so I borrowed a friend’s crock pot (you’ll recall that my crock pot exploded a while back) and cooked the roasts then shredded them.  I wound up with seven meals worth of shredded beef to use in tacos, barbecue sandwiches and…?

I also found extra lean ground beef for $1.19 a pound.  That’s even cheaper than the nasty budget-gristle-fatty kind.  So I made Korean Barbecue burgers for dinner and figured if I was going to make enough for one meal, I might as well make enough for five meals.  Hence I have 24 hamburger patties left in the freezer.

I cook enormous pots of beans whenever we run low, and currently I have 12 cups of cooked beans in the freezer.  I also have seven meals worth of diced ham.

Last, I thawed and roasted the last of the marked down chicken breasts from my freezer, yielding six meals worth of diced and shredded chicken breasts.

So now I have a lot of prepped meat and beans on hand, but I’m feeling in a rut as far as meal planning goes.  What would you make with shredded beef, beans, chicken breasts, ham, or a combination thereof?  I’m serious, please give me suggestions!

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18 thoughts on “Have Ingredients, Soliciting Meal Ideas

  1. Here are a few ideas:
    Enchiladas or Burritos

    I like to use Allrecipes.com ingredient finder to come up with some recipes when I have ingredients on hand but no ideas!

    I’m interested to see what you come up with!

  2. With the chicken or the ham (but it would probably be better with the chicken), you could make fried rice…. Just fry some cooked rice in butter or oil, add in onions, garlic, and other veggies (such as peas), and flavor with soy sauce and sesame oil.

    You also could make homemade macaroni and cheese with ham in it. Using penne or other fancier noodles makes it seem a little more grown-up. 🙂

  3. Shredded meat makes me think, “Chalupa!”
    Here’s a good recipe from “Fix It and Forget It” It calls for pork, but I think chicken or beef would be good. And since your meat and beans are already cooked, you’ll have to simmer them with the other ingredients to get the flavors to blend. Let me know if you try it!

    (makes 12-16 servings)

    3-lb pork roast
    1lb dry pinto beans
    2 garlic cloves, minced
    1T ground cumin
    1T dried oregano
    2T chili powder
    1T salt
    4-oz can chopped green chilies

    1. Cover beans with water and soak overnight in slow cooker
    2. In the morning, remove beans (reserve soaking water), and put roast in bottom of cooker. Add remaining ingredients (including the beans and their soaking water) and more water if needed to cover all the ingredients.
    3. Cook on hight 1 hour, and then on low for 6 hours. Remove meat and shred with two forks. Return meat to slow cooker.
    4. Cook on high 1 more hour
    5. Serve over a bed of lettuce. Top with grated cheese and chopped onions and tomatoes.

  4. You could refry the beans to use with either the shredded beef or chicken in quesadillas, chalupas, or gorditas. You can also use the beans to make a really flavorful bean soup (with onion, tomato, cilantro, peppers … add the ham too). Laura at orgjunkie.com recently posted about her success with a cheesey ham and pasta bake. The chicken would also be good in a king ranch chicken casserole.

  5. What a lot of great finds! Great job on getting it all prepped and cooked – that will (hopefully!) make your meal prep that much easier. 🙂

    With shredded chicken, we like to do BBQ chicken sandwiches, soft chicken tacos, or quesadillas (these are super easy for lunches). A little shredded chicken, some salsa or corn, a little shredded cheese – all between 2 tortillas, heated in a pan, and voila! Lunch. 🙂

    As for the ham, I thought this looked good:
    I saved that recipe from a while back and still have to make it! 🙂 Or you could try a ham, broccoli and pasta bake (I know you like to cook extemporaneously 😉 ). Most ham recipes seem to be for soup, so I’m drawing a blank. I do have a favorite recipe for ham and tomatoes with elbow macaroni (flavored with chili powder) that you can email me for if you’re interested. 🙂

    And of course, tacos or layered salads with the beans and/or beef or chicken.

  6. I have a couple of ideas that I did not already see mentioned.

    homemade pizza

    pizza casserole – with biscuit dough base (this is so yummy)

    I am thinking about pizza because we are having it for dinner. We have homemade pizza every Tuesday night. The kids love it. Let me know if you need recipes.


    1. Honey, we do pizza every Friday night – it’s a big favorite here too! I have a puffy crust version and a flatter chewier crust version. I haven’t thought of doing a casserole version though, I may have to look that up!

  7. We like to use shredded chicken for some hearty barley chicken soup. I just throw together a jar of salsa, chicken broth, water, black beans, corn, shredded, chicken, barley, chili powder and voila!

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