The Marriage Project Review and Giveaway (Week in Books #15)

In her fun and helpful book The Marriage Project, Kathi Lipp suggests putting your marriage on “project status” for 21 days – that is, making it a priority for both spouses to do one thing every day to strengthen your marriage and put the fun back in it. For each day there is a manageable project, a little background on the reasoning behind that project, some testimonials from couples who tried it, a prayer suggestion, and a place to record your reaction/response to the project. Kathi suggests making a detailed plan in advance so you can put the projects on your calendar, which I think goes a long way toward actually getting them accomplished if you’re busy and tired like most of us are.

I thought the projects seemed doable and worthwhile – like making a point to do something you enjoyed doing together before you got married, cooking together, writing down things you appreciate or admire about your mate, taking over a duty your spouse dislikes or is burnt out from, and so forth.  Basically it’s about making time for your spouse and putting more effort into your marriage.  I think any marriage could benefit from a short project like this.

Kathi‘s writing style is funny and laid-back, so I think you’ll find the book enjoyable and a fun read. The Marriage Project is not a theological treatise on marriage, or a theoretical book about the institution, rather it’s a very practical set of things you can actually do starting today to make your marriage stronger, no matter what point you’re starting from.  I found the book very hopeful and helpful and I would recommend it to you even if you’ve been blessed with a solid marriage.

If you’d like to try The Marriage Project for yourself, you can enter to win your very own copy!  Just leave a comment telling us one fun and affordable idea for a date night and you’ll be entered to win a copy of the book.

Note: This giveaway has now ended.

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Disclosure: Kathi Lipp and Harvest House sent me a review copy of The Marriage Project and will send a copy of the book to the giveaway winner, but the opinions expressed in this review are my own.  This post does contain affiliate links, and you can read more about that and my policy on accepting review copies in my Disclosure Policy.

55 thoughts on “The Marriage Project Review and Giveaway (Week in Books #15)

  1. Our favorite thing to do is make dinner together, then sit in from of the TV for a movie night every once in a while. While making and eating dinner, we get to share our daily experiences with one another, then when the movie is on, we get to veg out, while at the same time being with one another. We just watched a movie on NBC that had fun trivia during the commercials, so we had a blast laughing about the goofy answers that we gave!

  2. We go on a date night once a week and have a babysitter come at the same time every week. The kids adore her, so it makes date night even more fun! We always eat out, but the part that is the most fun is leaving early (about 4pm) and just getting coffee somewhere first, sitting, and chatting. Then, we usually drive somewhere else for dinner!

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