I love to take something old and make it new.  This weekend, after I tried to solve my writer’s block by making myself a new purse, I also turned a bedskirt into two ottoman/coffee table items for our living room.

We’ve been in somewhat desperate need of a coffee table in front of our couch, but I felt like having a big piece of furniture there would seriously disrupt the flow of the room.  When a friend offered me two padded stools, I thought perhaps I could use them as a mobile coffee table and also extra seating when necessary.  At first I thought I would paint the legs and recover the tops, but then I noticed how complicated the assembly was and I thought better of that.

Above you can see the stools as they were originally, with Jack adding human interest.  Yes, his boots are on the wrong feet, but he wanted to get dressed all by himself and it wasn’t worth fighting him over it.

When we were first married I made a bedskirt and comforter for our double bed.  We have since sold the double bed but I hung on to the bedskirt because I liked the fabric.   It so happens that the fabric coordinates with the colors in our living room, so I ripped up the skirt (which wasn’t hard since I was a horrible seamstress back then) and used my glue gun to stretch fabric over the top of each stool and glued it down with my trusty hot glue gun.  Then I glued on panels to the sides, forming inverted pleats on the corners.  I sustained minor burns from the hot glue, but it was worth it for the easy factor.

Now the ottomans are sitting in front of our couch in great style.  They are perfect for the spot.  I’m hoping to find a wooden tray at a garage sale or something so I can put it on top of them for drinks and whatnot, but even without the tray they are a vast improvement to the nothing that was there before.

I’m linking this post up to DIY day on A Soft Place to Land.  You might want to head over there to get inspiration from other projects, or to enter one of your own.

10 thoughts on “Repurposing

  1. Oh my goodness, Catherine! Those are awesome! I have a weird long den that I kind of feel needs something in front of our couch, but I’m not sure what… something like this might be the answer!

  2. These look great! Last summer I took an sturdy coffee table, painted the legs and padded the top for a window seat. We move it all over the house for extra seating and I love it!

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