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Life as Mom is hosting “Bookin’ It” – a roundup of books you’ve read in the past month.  Here are the books I have read and reviewed in the past month or so (with links to the longer reviews):

From Clutter to Clarity challenges readers to examine the root causes of clutter, because there is more to disorder than the stacks of papers and piles of toys littering your house (littering my house anyway!).  The author defines clutter as “anything that complicates your life and prevents you from living in peace as you live out your purpose.”  This is a great book to get you thinking about your home, your schedule, and your heart.

The Burning Land (scroll down in the link for review) is Bernard Cornwell’s latest historical novel about the conflict between Saxons and Danes over Britain in the time of King Alfred.  I love the way Cornwell brings British history to life with great use of detail and setting without sacrificing good pacing and conflict.

Funny in Farsi is a memoir of growing up Iranian in America.  Most of the book is funny and captures the immigrant experience without being critical.  Most people can identify with feeling like an outsider at times, so the book also serves to show how similar growing up experiences can be even accross cultures.  I did have a problem with the disrespectful way the author dealt with her in-laws in the book, but aside from that I enjoyed it.

Grace-Based Parenting outlines a way to give your kids the security, significance, and  strength they need by having a grace-based approach that avoids being either too strict or too lenient and cares for your child’s heart.  I found the writing style of this book a little distracting, but the subject matter is worth pushing through for.

Escaping Into the Open is a book on the craft of writing, and how to find inspiration and balance.  If you write, blog, or are interested in creative how-to memoirs, you might enjoy this book.

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day is a LIFE-ALTERING cookbook.  Seriously, I can’t say enough about how fantastic this book is, and it’s already making the list of my top reads for this year.  I’ve made the boule loaf, orange/cardamom/honey bread, caramel sticky buns, pizza, and spinach feta bread so far and all of them have been excellent.  I like being able to make a small loaf of bread that is exactly enough for our family to eat for lunch and I really appreciate the flexibility of the recipes.  I wrote more about the concept in my long review, just click the title to read that version!

We do preschool at home (technically it’s pre-preschool since our kids are barely 4, nearly 3, and 15 months) with most of our focus on simply reading great books.  This month I compiled our lists of Bible and devotional books for preschoolers and books about math for toddlers and preschoolers.  Whether or not you are homeschooling your littles, you might be interested in some new books that happen to teach great concepts while also being excellent stories.  There are some great suggestions in the comments of those posts too!

I post my Week in Books every week on Thursday or Friday.  This Friday, not only will there be a review, there will also be a giveaway so be sure to check back!

What did you read this month?  Any suggestions for us?  If you’ve posted about your reading in the last month, go link up to Life as Mom, or check out the links other readers posted!

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  1. Thanks for sharing what you’ve been reading at Life as Mom. From Clutter to Clarity and Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day both sound like things I would really like to read. My goal this year is to read more non-fiction.

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