Blender Compost: Cheap, Easy Earth Day

Seeing as how it’s Earth Day and all, you will probably read a lot about compost.  Compost is very green, Earth-friendly, sustainable, expensive to buy pre-made and time-consuming to make on your own. (Actually it’s well nigh impossible to make on your own in our neighborhood, since our neighborhood association prohibits compost bins.  And clothes lines.  And recycling.  Ahem.) UNLESS…

When a wise friend told me that she used to grind up her compostable items in her blender to save time, I thought I should give that a try – cheap, fast and easy is my kind of project. I had a moment’s hesitation over putting trash in my Vitamix, but I overcame my reluctance because I knew it would make such a fantastic blog post.  The things we do in the name of unpaid journalism, right?

Oh yes I did.

Smoothie, anyone?

I brought the blender full of compost smoothie out to the yard and poured it in the bed where I’m planning to put some lettuces and tomato plants amidst the day lillies.  Hopefully this concoction will please the lillies.  And the weeds, which are also featured in the photograph but will be pulled soon, I promise.

Back inside, I washed the blender and top thoroughly with blistering hot water and dish soap.  Twice.  Then I put more hot water and dish soap in the blender and blended it on turbo for a minute.  Twice.  Hopefully our lunch time smoothie will not taste of old wet coffee grounds and overripe banana peels, but if it does at least we know we did our part to be good stewards of our garden.

Happy Earth Day!

13 thoughts on “Blender Compost: Cheap, Easy Earth Day

  1. What a great idea!!!!!!! I do NOT have a green thumb (by any stretch of the imagination) and my first start at composting failed. 🙁 I’m totally gonna try this!! Thanks!

  2. Your worms are going to love this! Just be sure to dig it in so it doesn’t attract flies, etc.
    Coffee grounds and filters can go straight into the ground for worms.

  3. Oh, my stars, Catherine…you continue to fascinate, amaze & surprise me! Have I told you in the last week how much I love your blog?

  4. Wow, that looks like a great idea, but I’m not there yet! I just don’t think I could bring myself to whirl up a nice compost smoothie in the same blender I use for food prep purposes. I might give it a try, though, if I ever see a cheap blender at a thrift store or garage sale…that way I could have a designated “compost blender.”

    1. I did have a moment of hesitation before I put the compost stuff in the blender, but it wasn’t like weeks old stuff, just the banana peels and apple cores and coffee from the past day or two. I figured it was OK, especially since I washed the blender FOUR times afterwards! My husband was a little freaked out, but I think I cleaned it thoroughly enough to get rid of any germs. That said, I wouldn’t do this for stuff that’s been sitting around for a long time. The point of composting in the blender is that it doesn’t have to sit there for a long time.

      Anyway, I can totally understand you wanting a separate blender for it though!

  5. I did try this last year in my vitamix and I think you’ve inspired me that I should try to do it more — sometimes it’s a question of time and energy. 🙂 I have a couple dozen eggs we dyed for easter that I’m thinking would make some great compost. My dirt can use all the help it can get. i will admit that I didn’t do the hot soap and water though….maybe I should be more concerned. 🙂

  6. Can you keep a closed garbage can outside? That’s where I make my compost. I have an old rubbermaid garbage can, drilled a dozen or so holes around it near the top. I’ve added yard clippings to it as well as my kitchen scraps. You can still blend the kitchen scraps before putting in the can so it will turn into compost sooner. I’ve just started composting this year and I’ve got one can-full almost ready!

  7. LOL, I’m a college student and I don’t have to time or the will to take care of a compost pile, I started one and I let the project fall flat on its face.
    I’ve heard about using my Vitamix (courtesy of Costco demonstrations; boy am I glad I sold both my arms and legs to purchase one) to speed up the process of breaking down my kitchen scraps but like you, I’m hesitant to put trash in my lovely toy. However, I think you’re helping me get over my “ick” factor.
    I think though, I’m going to have to add a step to your inspiration. I’m going to refrigerate my plant based scraps; I use a diluted concoction of rubbing alcohol to clean my kitchen. I can’t stomach, :), the idea of bacteria going into my blender. I’m also going to have stock up on dishwashing liquid detergent, four times, is a lot of soap.
    Thanks for sharing, I’m super glad to have found your post.

  8. I’ve been doing something like this with my (mostly) eggshells and coffee grounds. I have a second blender jar just for this purpose. I accumulate my “compost” in the jar until I have enough to bother with. If all I have is eggshells and coffee grounds, I don’t even bother with the water. I simply blend the shells and coffee grounds together and just scatter the powder all over my garden

  9. It is actually very simple to get a 2ND container for your vitamix. You can use one for composting and one for regular use. I use my 5200 Vitamix for direct composting, I love it.

  10. I am just starting this process in Florida where we have recently moved. I’ve always had a compost pile in our NY home, and I hate throwing good compost materials away. Our soil (if one could call it that) is terrible down here. Reading all these comments inspires me to not be reluctant about doing this. My one question to everyone is, why do you think you are putting “dirty” stuff in your blender? If we were starving, we’d eat every bit of it. I just wash out my blender like I would for any other preparation.

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